Alisha Diphda

Alisha in Tales of Zestiria
Race Human
Home Hyland Kingdom
Height 5'3" (161cm)
Weapon Long Spear
Voice Actor(s) JP Ai Kayano
ENAlexis Tipton
Alisha Diphda is a character that appears in Tales of Zestiria. She is the daughter of the King of Hyland, and a low born woman, who's influence in the kingdom is ever decreasing. Treated horribly by the rest of the royal family due to her low birth, she is last in line to inherit the throne. She speaks in a masculine manner and chose to become a Knight to best serve her country. Whilst on a pilgrimage to discover why disasters were happening the world over, she becomes involved in events that lead up to a collapsed ruin. It is here she meets Sorey, who offers her aid.


[edit] Appearance

Alisha has blonde hair which is held up in a pony tail by a pair of yellow and white flowers. Her vambraces and gauntlets are colored silver, black, and yellow while her tunic underneath, and that covers the rest of her torso is pink and white. She wears short black shorts and has green eyes.

[edit] Fighting Style

Alisha uses a long spear in battle to deliver quick and agile attacks.

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[edit] Trivia

  • Alisha is the only character in the main cast to have a surname mentioned in the game. This is due to Rose's being either absent or omitted, the fact that Seraphim do not have surnames, and Sorey being raised amongst Seraphim.
  • She is also the only character in Zestiria with two spoken true names. When Sorey forms the Squire's pact with her, he gives her the name "Melphis Amekia", meaning "Alisha the Smiling". When Rose later forms the same pact with her, she gives her the new name "Isylvia Amekia", meaning "Alisha the Tearful".

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