Anise Tatlin

Anise Tatlin
Anise Tatlin, Ionian Sergeant Oracle Knights Fon Master Guardian
Age 13
Weapon Wand and Puppet, Tokunaga
First Apperance Tales of the Abyss
Other Appearance Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Hometown Daath
Voice Actor Melissa Fahn

Anise Tatlin (アニス・タトリン, Anisu Tatorin) is a playable character in the game Tales of the Abyss

[edit] Brief Overview

Anise first appears in Engeve alongside the Fon Master, a member of his personal guard thus making her his guardian for that particular venture. She travels with him making sure that he's always alright. When Ion appears to go missing in Engeve she, along with Colonel Jade Curtiss, try to find him and that search leads them into the Cheagle Woods. After meeting with Ion again and having met Luke and Tear, Jade asks something of her and she runs off. Before long when the rest have made it to the exit of the woods she stands waiting with soldiers of the nearby battleship, better known as the land dreadnaught Tartarus, and helps with the arrest of Luke and Tear. Anise is a smart young girl who often admonishes Ion for his naiveté and his kindness. She is often times seen as money grubbing because the instant she hears someone is royalty or comes from a rich family she puts on an act in order to gain their attention and hopefully their hand in marriage. Which is why after meeting Luke she flirts constantly with him.

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