Anise Title List

Title Effect How to Obtain
Fon Master Attendant Heals 2% HP every 15 seconds while standing still default
Former Attendant Increases food's effect when standing on a save point Advance in the story
Spy Cures any status effect while moving Advance in the story
Last Fon Master Guardian Heals 2% TP every 15 seconds while standing still Advance in the story
Grown-Up Child Increases the chance of getting food from the Magical Pouch
  • Go to the Keterburg Casino
  • Alternatively, Go to Daath and go to the giant slab to the right in front of the Daath Cathedral and pick Anise as a pilgrimage partner
Push & Pull Girl Increases selling price by 3% Complete all the warehouse sidequests
Little Big Chef Increases cooking success by 5%
  • Master all recipes with Anise
  • Speak to the man on the 2nd floor of Keterberg Hotel as Anise
Mini Maven
  • Free stays at any inn
  • Luck is always at least 35 after staying at an inn
  • Complete Ant Lion Man, Yulia City Items, Engeve's Defense, Hard Worker, and Financial Investor
  • Go to the middle of Daath Hill
Childish Costume title
  • Go to the point right before the point of no return in Eldrant
  • Talk to Emperor Peony
Not a Kid Costume title
  • Find all of Emperor Peony's rappigs
  • Go to the Keterberg spa
Cat Cat Kitty Cat
  • Sell items at full price
  • Costume title
  • Talk to the Ant Lion Man that is left from the circular path
  • pay 76,500 gald
Little Devil Costume title After the Radiation Gate, go to Daath Cathedral
Devastating Cutie Adds 2 Overlimit points every 15 seconds while moving Beat Advanced Singles Match in the Batical Coliseum as Anise
Grand Master Chef
  • Cooking never fails
  • Increases food effect by 7%
  • Obtain the All-Purpose Knife and Magical Pouch
  • Go to the Malkuth Military Headquarters in Grand Chokmah
  • Equip Anise with Little Big Chef title
  • Talk to Sesemann
Abyss Pink Costume title
  • Go to Emperor Peony's room before it is full of rappigs
  • Be on your second playthrough
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