Arca is a religious organization found in Tales of Innocence. They are led by the primary antagonist, Mathias.

[edit] History

Arca, like many religious organizations in Tales games, is widespread throughout the world. In particular, Arca is associated with the primary Church system in place where there is a strong belief of repentance. The primary Church rose from the belief that the people of Naraka needed to beg forgiveness from the gods of Devaloka in order to possibly return home.

Arca became the official leader of the religion when Avatars began to appear and cause havoc on Naraka after Devaloka fell.

[edit] Beliefs and Goals

As an organization, it is committed to the capturing and detaining of awakened Avatars, believing them to be a threat. In truth, Arca captures awakened Avatars in order to perform experiments and run tests on them, many becoming living fuel for machinery.

In the beginning of the story, Spada, Luca, Iria and Chitose are captured by Arca believers and sent to Naos Base for testing.

[edit] Trivia

  • The name comes from "Arcadia" which has connections to peace and simplicity and "contented pastoral innocence", which would accurately describe how the religion's followers tend to be, as well as the fact that Arca's outward appearance is one of keeping peace.
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