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[edit] Geography

Belladam is the past counterpart to Toltus. Toltus retains the same layout as Belladam, with a few minor changes. For example, Chester's house is non-existant, while Cress' house is the Mayor's house. There is no church in Belladam.

It is located in the same area, but the areas next to it have different names. Heading directly north will put you on a path to Euclid, heading East or West will make you run into mountains, going northeast will take you to the Cave of Spirits, and going South will take you to the Forest of Spirits.

[edit] Important Residents

  • Mayor Toltus - Toltus in the Present time obtained its name from Mayor Toltus, current mayor of Belladam.
  • Young Boys - These young boys greet you as you enter Belladam. They are talking about Dhaos, and they tell Cress to go meet the Mayor. Cress is then lead to Mayor Toltus' house by them.
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