Beryl Benito

Beryl Benito
Beryl Benito.png
Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Race Organican
Age 18
Hometown Blanche Villa
Gender Female
Height 4'10" (148cm)
Weight 84lbs (38kg)
Soma Terracotta
Voice Actors JP Saeko Chiba
Beryl Benito (ベリル・ベニト Beriru Benito) is a protagonist and playable character in Tales of Hearts and its re-release Tales of Hearts R.


[edit] Background

Beryl is the granddaughter of a famous artist from Blache Villa, a town of artists up in the mountains, where she lived with her grandmother and pet cloud sheep. She dreams of becoming a court painter.

[edit] Personality

Beryl is an energetic, outgoing girl who loves to tease people, but is easily flustered herself. She's a bit pessimistic, and often tries to convince everyone not to endanger themselves by being impulsive.

[edit] Fighting Style

Beryl possesses the Soma Terracotta, which is worn as a hat. When called forth from her Spiria it takes the form of a large paint brush. Beryl is one of the mages in the team. She can use water, earth, lighting and dark elemental Will artes, but also has melee artes so can defend herself by hitting enemies with her brush.

[edit] Trivia

  • Beryl’s was named after the gemstone “beryl”, and the mineral “benitoite”.
  • She once won a lottery.
  • When she borrowed Hisui's Soma, her Spiria made it shoot paint.
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