Brave Vesperia

[edit] The Guild

Brave Vesperia is a guild formed by Yuri Lowell,Repede, and Karol Capel, who is the leader. After Karol got kicked out of every other guild he was in, Karol decided to make his own guild with the rest of the party. Yuri agreed to form a guild after Dahngrest was attacked by Phaeroh. Over the course of the game, Judith joins up with the guild. Raven also joined the guild, however it is not consensual. Repede is automatically part of the guild because he's Yuri's dog, despite the fact that he hasn't made a vow to uphold the guild's rules. Rita Mordio never officially announced that she was part of the guild but the guild members accept her as one of them. Estelle never offically joined because of her status as princess. To join a guild you must throw away your rights as imperial citizens. Because of this, Estelle can't officially join, but spiritually she is a part of the guild. Throughout the course of the game, Estelle and many other clients hire Brave Vesperia to go on assorted quests. Brave Vesperia also saved the world from Duke taking it out with the Adephagoes.

[edit] Origin of Name

Brave Vesperia got it's name from the star of the same name. The star is said to be the "Brother" of the Child of the Full Moon, and the son of Terca Lumieres. It appears it is actually a large blastia suspended in space, paired with the Enduring Shrine of Zaude.

A story from Estelle goes as followed,
"In the days of old, a great cataclsym occured that plunged the world into ruin. Countless lives were lost as the people struggled to stand the oncomming disaster. Its energies all but spent, humanity's hopes seem to be lost. When a pair of siblings appeared. This Brother and Sister together fought the calamity, and saved the world from annihilation. The sister they called the Child of the Full Moon. After the struggle, she remained with the Earth. Her Brother they called Brave Vesperia, and he ascended to the skies to watch over the world. The End. "

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