Bruiser Khang

Bruiser Khang
Age 39
Weapon Fists
First Appearance Tales of Destiny
Other Appearances Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, Tales of VS

[edit] Character History

Bruiser is the Champion of the coliseum in the city of Neuestadt. After Stahn beats him in a battle, Bruiser views him as his biggest rival. Another reason Bruiser stays with the party is the modest priestess Philia whom he quickly falls in love with. Bruiser is a hotheaded bruiser of a man that is skilled with many weapons but always prefers to fight the old fashioned way. With his fists.

[edit] Getting Khang in your party

When you first meet him at the coliseum and fight with him, you can either win or lose. Regardless of the outcome, if Stahn returns later in the game, fights Bruiser, and wins, Bruiser will enter the party for the remainder of the game. Even if Bruiser doesn't join your party, Stahn still considers him a friend and invites him to a party after saving the world. Once he is in your party, he plays for the most part, comic relief with Chelsea Torn.

[edit] Tales of Destiny 2

Bruiser still resides at the coliseum 18 years after the original Destiny. He doesn't really fight much anymore most likely because he's too old.

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