Caer Bocram

Caer Bocram, known as "The Fallen City", is a dungeon located north west of Capua Torim on the continent of Tolbyccia in Tales of Vesperia. It was once a proud city, but now it is abandoned and taken over by monsters. Yuri Lowell and his allies come here when they hear from Raven that the Blood Alliance might be there. The party also learns more about Karol Capel, who is exiled from the Hunting Blades for being a coward and they learn that Estelle is really a princess. It is also the place where the concept of Fatal Strikes is introduced.


[edit] History

[edit] Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago the city was once a metropolis using blastia for everything and was the home base of a powerful guild. One day, an earthquake struck the city and was destroyed in an instant, though some buildings remained intact.

[edit] First arrival

Upon their arrival Yuri noticed the place was destroyed with Rita Mordio asking if anyone would come here and him wondering if the information Raven provided is false. Suddenly, the party hears the voice in the distance warning them that the area is under the jurisdiction of the Hunting Blades guild. Karol Capel recognizes the voice and looks up to see a young girl telling them innocent people should stay out. Karol was happy to see the young girl who he identifies as Nan, his friend from the guild. Nan, on the other hand, is shocked to see him. When he asks if his fellow guild members, Clint and Tison are with her, and if they are doing fine without him she tells him not to be so friendly. He tells her he got lost, but she tells him he just ran off. Karol swears to her he did not do so but she thinks of it as an excuse. When he tells her he beat an eggbear like he promised she thinks he is lying, even though it actually happened. She then asks if his actions are a way to repay for how the guild took him in and asks him to remind her he was not going to run away and reminds him that not only is he a coward, he was fired from every guild. This makes him angry telling her to be quiet. She then, coldly, tells him he is fired from the Hunting Blades. Before leaving, Nan gives the other members of the party a final warning to leave, saying if they stay they will be risking their lives. Estelle fells bad for Karl, who not only has his pride broken, but his heart as well. Though Yuri questions why the Hunting Blades are here to begin with. Rita goes on, despite being warned, saying that Nan did not say they are not allowed to enter, with Estelle asking about risking their lives. Rita answers that she will not listen to her warning. Though Yuri is disappointed that the Blood Alliance is not here, they should at least look around, with a heartbroken Karol bringing up the rear.

Once inside, they come across a blastia which Rita calls a warp blastia, however there is no activation switch though there is a core in the blastia, leading Estelle to wonder if the switch to activate the blastia is somewhere else. Rita further explains that a device which will activate all the blastia at once is not unusual. Yuri says it is too bad the blastia is not operational because then it will lead to a more interesting place, with Rita saying that blastia are not toys. Estelle asks if they can look for the device managing the blastia, with Rita and Yuri answering yes. After coming to what appears to be a dead end, Yuri suggests they head back but Karol decides to have a look around. He comes across what appears to be a cellar door but there is no keyhole. He tells Yuri there will be no way he will open the door but he proves him wrong simply by kicking it saying he would not want him to soil his hands on a dirty door. Before entering, he teases Karol about a monster suddenly popping out of the ground to eat his foot. Upon reaching the bottom they find a device Karol is curious about, provoking Rita to tell him not to touch it. Yuri deduces that it is the activation device for the warp blastia. Rita examines it though nothing happens at first, but when Yuri uses the Sorcerer's Ring on the device, it works, activating all the warp blastia. Upon returning to the first warp blastia, they find it working again. When Karol wants to try it out, Rita stops him and reminds everyone that the warp blastia work like the ones in Shaikos Ruins meaning that if there is no aer it will not work, prompting Yuri to use the Sorcerer's Ring on it and after doing so they move on to the next area.

[edit] Fatal Strikes

Along the way the party spots what appears to be the Blood Alliance but is not. Karol points out they are the Hunting Blades. Estelle then spots the same man she and Yuri saw at Deidon Hold, with Yuri remembering him as well and saying that he is the leader of Karol's former guild. Karol confirms this and tells the other party members that his name is Clint and he is preparing to fight a Gattuso all by himself, which Yuri thinks is crazy. With one swing of his sword, Clint kills the monster which surprises the party. Karol says the technique he used is called a Fatal Strike, prompting Yuri to ask what it is. Karol explains that it is a powerful technique that skilled swordsmen can use. When Yuri asked how he can do it Karol does not know, but then Estelle says it is a strong attack that throws the opponent off balance followed by a single, well-timed strike to finish the enemy. When Rita asks if that fact is something Estelle read in a book she says yes, prompting Yuri to say it is easier said than done. Rita and Estelle ask Karol if he wants to go back to the Hunting Blades and Karol answers no because he is tired of hunting monsters. Rita taunts him by reminding him he is fired but he says he had planned on leaving for a while. With the banter out of the way, Yuri and the others are about to leave with Estelle saying she is glad Karol is staying with them. Yuri then wonders what the Hunting Blades are doing with such a large group, with Estelle saying if they want to take out the monster one person will be enough. Karol replies by saying it is the first time he has seen so many guild members in one place, further adding that members of the guild are loners and they tend not to travel in groups and the leader of the guild being there is out of the ordinary as well. Yuri asks if the rest of the group wants to follow them but Karol says they should keep going and Estelle says that they are looking for the members of the Blood Alliance, prompting Yuri to say he is only worrying about one guild and two would be more than enough. In a mock battle with some monsters, Yuri and the others try their hand at the Fatal Strike technique. After Yuri performs Azure Edge he sees an opening to attack and performs a Fatal Strike. After that the party defeats the monsters.

[edit] Visible Aer

After a while of exploring, the group comes to an area with a sealed door and they start feeling sick, even Karol, prompting Rita to ask him if he can feel what is happening to them as well. Even Yuri and Estelle are feeling it with her insisting she was fine. However, Yuri tells her not to overexert herself and have a look around. Rita has been wondering why they feel so sick ever since they came down to the chamber and Karol adds that if a monster attacks them he will not be up to beating it, and Yuri adds that that kind of attitude will attract more monsters. Suddenly, particles of aer became visible and Estelle collapses again. Yuri tells her if she is to collapse she should do it in a crowded street and he can not be there to catch her every time. She gets up and insists she is okay. Rita notices the aer particles flowing up which Yuri thought could not be seen in plain sight, but she tells them that if the aer is dense enough it can be seen. He asks Estelle if she said something earlier about dense aer being bad for the body, to which she replies yes, saying that dense aer can occasionally have negative effects on the human body, which reminds Yuri about how she passed out in the Quoi Woods. Rita is amazed to hear this and Yuri thinks they should leave as soon as possible but Estelle is not sure if the Blood Alliance group is there or not. Yuri agrees with her and she tells him to keep moving. Rita then sees a blastia linked to the door. Karol asks her how to open it and she answers by putting together symbols to form a phrase. Yuri asks her if it will be faster to break it but she forbids it asking him if it will make the door stop working altogether. Then Yuri says something is coming out of the blastia that looks like letters and she says just to put the letters in. Karol then asks if they picked up pieces of paper along the way with Estelle confirming it thinking they were clues for the passcode. Yuri suggests they look at the clues to figure out the password to open the door. Checking over the clues Light, Sky and Sphere, Yuri enters the word "Sun" and with that, the door opens and the party goes inside the room.

[edit] The Dreaded Giant

The party enters a large room with a giant blastia on the ceiling. Karol notices the water floating and Yuri deduces the blastia is the cause and Estelle saying it is causing the strange feeling they are having too. Rita then says the blastia was similar to the ones from Ehmead Hill and Ragou's mansion in Capua Nor. Karol asks if it is broken but Rita says if it broke it will lose the ability to take in aer and there would be no way it would get like that. Estelle asks what is happening but Rita does not know since she does not know what the blastia is doing. Suddenly, the party hears a loud roar and Estelle thinks it came from a monster. As it turns out, she is right, there is a monster at the bottom of the floor which Karol is scared of. Yuri tells him to take it easy as there are no doctors in the area. The ground then shakes, making Yuri think the barrier will fail. Rita tells them not to worry as the barrier is a reverse barrier. She then explains that the reverse barrier is made for holding monsters and the one down there will not get out any time soon, but the aer is not normal. Yuri has a bad feeling about what is going to happen, and Karol makes it worse by saying the barrier is disappearing. Rita goes over to the blastia to fix it but is interrupted by the second man from Deidon Hold saying that the party ignored their warning. The three Hunting Blades members, Clint, Nan, and the other man appear before the party, and Yuri begins to mock their warning. The third man, now revealed to be Tison, also recognizes Karol and confirms he is fired from the guild and he says the aer is affecting him. Clint then orders them to sit back and they are only interested in destroying the monster below. Yuri then makes a joke about the monster being their pet and to not abandon it for someone else to take care of. Suddenly, the Dragon Rider appears once again and breaks the blastia, which does not please Rita at all. As the barrier disappears, the excess aer goes along with it, causing everyone to feel better. The Dragon Rider flies around and Clint is slashing the monster below provoking it to be angry but the Dragon Rider interferes. Nan and Tison try to attack the rider but to no avail. The shaking the monster was making causes the floor beneath Yuri and his friends to collapse and fall to the floor. Estelle says she has never seen a monster like that before. Karol becomes scared and Yuri decides that the monster needed to be taken care of.

When the battle begins, Yuri is by himself, until Repede steps in to help, followed by Estelle and lastly by Rita. However, the monster, known as Dreaded Giant, is too powerful for the party to take on, but as it looks at Estelle, it turns around and stomps away. Estelle is relieved that they got through the battle, but Rita is curious as to where Karol has gone too. Meanwhile, as the room is beginning to flood due to the broken blastia, Tison still wants to fight the Dragon Rider, even though Nan tells him it is too dangerous Tison does not care. Just as Rita is about to attack as the rider was escaping, Tison once again tries and fails to attack the rider. Things begin to get worse when Estelle says the ceiling is not going to hold for much longer. Nan asks Clint to withdraw since their target escaped. Clint has no choice as to heed Nan's word. Yuri also suggests that the party leaves as well, even though Rita never got the chance to kill the Dragon Rider. Estelle on the other hand is worried that Karol has gone missing. Yuri assumes he left before the battle began and they will find him as they search the place.

[edit] Nan's Scolding

Before they leave, they find Karol being scolded by Nan. Yuri and his friends overhear Nan telling off Karol about how he is always running away whenever something comes up. Though Karol denies it saying it was not like back in Halure she is referring to his friends who he abandoned during the battle. She then notices Yuri and company and tell him that he has to explain himself to them. Karol soon notices and they came out of hiding. Though Estelle is happy Karol was safe Rita scolds him as well. Karol apologizes and Yuri is glad he made it out in one piece. before Nan leaves she tells Karol to think long and hard about what he has done. Yuri suggests they leave, though Rita is disappointed by the fact the Blood Alliance is nowhere to be found. She is even more annoyed by the fact they were guven false information by Raven and swears she will make him pay. And with that, the group begins to head back to the entrance.

[edit] Estelle the Princess

Just as they are about to leave, the party is halted by Alexander Cumore and the Cumore Brigade. saying he found them but they will not go any further. Yuri makes a joke about him being lazy which he does not take very well. He insists that Estelle accompany him and he called her princess. Karol wants to know who the princess Cumore is talking about to which Yuri answers by saying Estelle is the princess. She is shocked that Yuri knew she is the princess, meaning she is another candidate for the imperial throne. Though Karol is surprised to hear this, Rita suspected Estelle is the princess as well which surprised her. Karol insists they are kidding but everyone is quite serious. Estelle then confronts Cumore, asking him what will happen to her friends and he answers that they will be drawn and quartered for abducting a member of the royal family. As Estelle is about to explain Cumore interrupts her by insisting she come with him. As Cumore and his men are about to kill the rest of the party, they are, in a way, saved by the Schwann Brigade who arrests them. Cumore claims that the prize of capturing Yuri and his allies is his but LeBlanc tells him that the duties of a knight are not to be carried out in the fashion of a hunt and he heard someone mention dying earlier. Cumore then asks what is wrong with condemning criminals to their death and LeBlanc answers that criminals should be captured and judged in accordance with the law. Annoyed, Cumore leaves the apprehension of Yuri and his companions to LeBlanc saying that if it is not Schwann it is Flynn Scifo and commoners are full of themselves, even the Commandant. LeBlanc insists that Estelle be accompanied by the knights and have the others arrested in the name of Captain Schwann. As Rita and Karol are being shackled, Estelle begs LeBlanc not to hurt them, but Yuri tells her not to worry and with that, the Schwann Brigade takes the party to Heliord with Schwann himself looking over them and the knights leaving with Yuri and his friends to Heliord.

[edit] Trivia

  • In a skit, Karol explains how Nan ended up with the Hunting Blades in the first place.
    • In another skit, the party talks about the possibility that Caer Bocram was not destroyed by an earthquake since most of the buildings were left standing.
  • When the party leaves Caer Bocram to head to Capua Torim, it becomes night.
  • In a sidequest, if done correctly, Yuri and Judith will find the Brionac spear which she used as the Dragon Rider here.
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