Caius Qualls

Caius Qualls
Caius' concept art
Age 15
Height 5'5" / 165 cm
Weight 123 lbs / 56kg
Race Lycanthe
Hometown Fern Village
Weapon Sword
Seiyuu Motoki Takagi

Caius Qualls (カイウス・クオールズ Kaiusu Kuooruzu) is the main protagonist in Tales of the Tempest.

[edit] History

A boy living together with his foster father in a remote village in Areura. Spot (a grotesque creature) attacked his village because he was entrusted with a crystal by a soldier of the Imperial Guard he saved by chance. When he fought with Spot and his foster father, the people of the village found out that his foster father was a Lycanthe, and they were treated with a cold attitude.

When he, his childhood friend Rubia, and his foster father were running away from the village, they were followed by priest-soldiers, and his foster father acted as a decoy. When they split up, he asked his foster father about his real parents, and his foster father said that he thought his real father might be in the capital city. Thus, he set off on a journey to find out about the secrets of his birth.

[edit] Other Appearances

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