Capua Torim

Capua Torim, also known as Torim Harbor and known by the official title "The Port Town Capua Torim" is a port town located on the far eastern side of the continent of Tolbyccia in Tales of Vesperia. It is home to the headquarters of the guild Fortune's Market. It is described as a port on the second largest continent, Tolbyccia and is considered a rival to Ilyccia's Capua Nor because guilds have a strong influence.


[edit] History

[edit] First arrival

The party arrives by boat thanks to Flynn Scifo. Ioder thanked Yuri Lowell and his friends for saving him but Rita wanted to know exactly who he was. Estelle was to nervous to talk about it but Flynn said he made arrangements at the inn and they will talk more about it there. With Yuri agreeing to the terms Flynn and Ioder take their leave.

Once inside the party is surprised to see Ragou, who pretends he did not know them. Yuri thought of this as a convenient time for amnesia, seeing right though his lies, however he denies it even further. Flynn steps in telling him that the party were witnesses to his crimes, but he counters by saying it was an impostor trying to ruin his good name and the events at Capua Nor were upsetting. Rita claimed he was lying and told him about the people he fed to monsters. Flynn was backed into a corner when he asked who was more right: a band of scoundrels or a member of the Council. He had no choice but to let him go, which infuriated everyone, especially Yuri. Rita Mordio angrily asked who he thought he was and asked who Ioder was, with Yuri telling her to calm down.

Estelle tells everyone that Ioder was a prince and a candidate for the imperial throne. Karol Capel thought she was joking but she was quite serious about the fact. Ioder then added that he was just one of the candidates, with Flynn adding that he is the rightful heir to the throne after the previous emperor passed on, which Karol was shocked to hear and Ioder confirmed. Yuri thought it was interesting that an heir to the throne was captured by a magistrate. Estelle was interrupted just as she was about to put her opinion on the matter by Yuri who said it was too much for public consumption and it had something to do as to why she left the castle. Yuri adds that he does not want to have anything to do with an empire whose people suffer in plain sight, with Flynn wondering what he had changed by turning his back on such an empire and adding that they needed laws made by the government to ensure people can live peaceful lives. But Yuri rebuttled saying it was those same laws that let a corrupt man like Ragou walk out the door to their room without having to pay the price and Flynn reminded him that it was because of things like that that the two became knights to change things like the laws and if they couldn't make it happen by yelling about it they would have to gain honor and trust and fix the empire from within. Yuri was furious about being reminded about it asking if it was ok to stand around while cruel officials fed children to monsters, and to look the other way when the citizens of the lower quarter were being bled dry by taxes and saying it was because he could not do anything that he quit being a knight. Flynn then asked him if anything had changed because he quit and how it was any different before he joined the knights. Furious, Yuri left with Karol right behind him, however he hesitated. Flynn said he did it again, saying he only wanted Yuri to move on with his life. He then apologized to Estelle for an embarrassing scene. Ioder asked what Estelle was going to do next and she asked if it was all right to go with Yuri with Flynn asking why. She answered by saying she felt like so much had changed during her travels with Yuri like the empire and the world and she had changed as well. Flynn understood where she was coming from and asked Karol to tell Yuri to take care of her. Estelle asked if it was really all right with Flynn answering that he wold do it himself but his current duties will not allow it and as long as she was with Yuri, she will be safe, revealing he believes in him, no matter what. Rita then butts in saying that if they did not hurry they could lose Yuri.

Yuri was still angry after hearing what Flynn said to him knowing that nothing changed since he quit. After calming down he decided to look for clues on the blastia core and found Raven, who was enjoying the atmosphere. He was surprised to see Yuri who wondered if there was something else he should say but he could not think of it. Yuri said that the deceived have better memories than the deceiver, with Raven saying he was terribly misunderstood and Yuri telling him to see a doctor for his tendency to cause trouble for others and Raven saying that Yuri should get his foul mouth checked. Yuri told him that if he did not stop goofing around the knights would throw him back in prison but he said the knights were too busy to bother him and provides him with some information about a rough-looking guild moving to the northwest not long ago. and that the knight could not turn a blind eye to them. Yuri asked if it was the Blood Alliance but Raven was not sure. He also asked what he was doing at the magistrates palace and Raven told him he was looking for an apatheia. Curious, Yuri wondered what it was with Raven telling him it was like a really strong core and that he heard it was there but the information was not legit. Yuri's friends then find him and Raven, who Rita was not too happy to see. He left before she even got the chance to beat him up prompting Karol to ask why Yuri let him get away which he answered he was misunderstood. Though Rita was upset at the fact he got away Yuri said going up against him was a waste of energy. As Estelle tried to catch up he told he she could take a break but then they had to go and follow the Blood Alliance to get back the blasia core for the aque blastia in Zaphias' lower quarter. When Karol asked where they should go next, Yuri answered that a shady group was headed northwest. Karol contemplated on the matter saying that the only city there was one that was destroyed in an earthquake. Estelle wondered what they could be doing in a place like that with Yuri sayng it was worth checking out.

[edit] Return of Raven

On their way back from Heliord Estelle notices no sign of Cumore or Yeager. When Karol asked where they were, Judith explains that they are in a forest west of Torim Harbor. Yuri states that they should go to the harbor rather than go back to Heliord. Estelle wanted to go after them but Judith reminded her the purpose of her journey was to find Phaeroh and scolded her for her indecision. Yuri assured Estelle that Flynn will take care of the problem with Cumore. Rita wanted to know what happened while she was gone and she was not the only one. Raven appeared from out of nowhere and Yuri wanted to know what he was up to. He told them that he as sent by Don Whitehorse to keep an eye on them, but before he goes any further, they decide to stop at the inn to which Yuri and the rest of the party agreed. Estelle apologized to Judith for being selfish and they head back.

[edit] Raven's Motive

Upon returning, they head to the inn after Karol reminisces about being here. Once at the inn Raven tells the rest of the party everything. Yuri deduces the Union was involved and Estelle states the the Don knows she was a candidate for the throne as well, which was the reason Raven tagged along, which Karol though was creepy. When asked why, Rita states it was only natural the way things are between the empire and the Union. She also states that they will look for Phaeroh in the Sands of Kogorh and asks her what kind of place a desert is. Karol said it was hot, dry and there was a lot of sand and she told him that was putting it mildly. Estelle said that they would first get to the area, then they would go around and ask where he was. Rita asked if she did not want to go back to the castle anymore, leaving her puzzled. She then makes up her mind still wanting to go to find the meaning of his words. Raven tells them that Desier is perfect for him. When Judith asks why he tells her he had another task given to him by the Don: to deliver a letter to Belius, the Duce of Nordopolica and the leader of Palestrale. When she asked what was in the letter he tells her that it had something to do with the monsters that attacked Dahngrest, particularly Phaeroh, and the Don thought Belius knew something about the monster. This gives Yuri the incentive to see Belius. Raven tells them he will tag along to which Karol agreed but he would have to follow the laws of Brave Vesperia. He agreed but he could not join as it was against the rules for one person to be in two guilds at the same time. After the discussion, everyone goes off to do their own thing until the next day and plan to meet at the harbor.

When talking to Karol, he tells him he is not comfortable being called "boss". He tells Yuri to call him whatever he called him before and it made him feel silly to have him calling him that. When he asked if he will get used to it he said maybe. It was because he knew so much about guilds and he knew a boss has to be an example for the other guild members to follow he wonders if he will be that great. Yuri tells him he has to take it one step at a time and they have a job to do: they have to take Estelle to meet Phaeroh. Yuri tells him if they fail than no one will believe in Brave Vesperia, making Karol lose confidence in himself, but Yuri tells him the tougher the challenge, the bigger the reward, to which he agrees.

He then talks to Rita, who wants to know if they will go through with this plan. He confirms this even though she tells him Phaeroh said Estelle was an insipid poison, saying she could not forget the incident, but can not use it as an excuse to not deal with being a possible successor to the throne. He asks her if he should take her back to the castle to which she says yes, but tells her she made the decision and to let her figure out what to do. When she asked if a fight with Phaeroh would be inevitable and will not find out anything if she dies. He tells her that he is going with her to prevent that from happening, which results in her losing the conversation.

He goes outside and talks to Repede. Though the conversation is one sided, he laments about letting Cumore escape and does not how how to explain it to Flynn. But They had a job to do first but could not let him get away saying men like him will never learn and he must do something which is why he left the Empire and formed the guild with Karol, and he will get what he deserves.

Next, he talks to Estelle near a lamp post, who says she is incorrigible and whenever something or someone catches her eye she forgets about everything else and loses sight what she was planning to do beforehand. He tells her she's right and she said that after Judith pointed that out to her she came to her senses and that she was dragging everyone around with her. He tells her that is she were empress the entire empire would be in chaos. After thinking about that, she tells her that coming with him was the right choice, seeing new things and meeting new people. She does not know if she will take the throne but she wishes to see the world and there are more things for her to learn about the world and about herself, though the thought of meeting Phaeroh scares her she had to know what he meant by insipid poison. She then tells him to yell at her the next time she orders the party around, to which he agrees to and there was one other person they could vent their frustration with. She then goes back to the inn.

Later, he finds Raven at the port and they talk, saying that he could not believe the party has to travel with him. He tells him to lighten up and reminds him about the battle in the Forest of Keiv Moc, but he counters by reminding him of what happened in Nor Harbor. He tells him that he will not make a list of his offenses saying that not having him on the trip is more than enough. He swore he would be good reminding him about Keiv Moc and Ghasfarost, but he should worry he will not keep up with the rest of the party.He reminds him of how long he is going to stay with the group until Estelle goes back to which he confirms. After their talk, Raven goes back to the inn.

Finally, Yuri spots Judith, who just came back from patrolling the area. She asks him if he is going to look for Cumore but he denies saying he was going for a walk, but asks her where she was to which she gives the same answer. He asks her if she felt guilty about scolding Estelle and even though she plays dumb, he reminds her of what she said to which she apologizes saying he would tell her the same thing she did which surprised him, though he tells her she did not have to do so. He asks her once more if she was looking for Cumore after hurting her feelings to which she denies but does not believe her, leading him to believe she cares about other people than she lets on which she also denies but he does not care. She asks him the same question again to which he denies again.

After speaking with everyone, Yuri goes back to the hotel and goes back to sleep.

[edit] Getting the Boat

The next morning, Yuri asks if everyone was ready to go but Estelle notes that Rita was still sleeping, and Judtih says she had her own matters to settle which sounded right to him. After Rita comes out she reminds them that they go to the harbor and get a boat, confirming that she was coming with the others. Raven and Estelle ask her if she was going to investigate the aer krene but she tells them that the one in Keiv Moc was already being researched, but has not made up her mind about which of the other aer krene to research. Judith asks her if she will be using them to help to which she answers by saying there will be no guarantee that there will not be any danger but it would be safer than going alone. Yuri notes her personality had not changed and Estelle says that she is happy the seven of them will travel together again, to which she blushes. After their conversation they head back to the harbor.

On the way to the port, they run into Ioder whom Yuri asks what he is doing here. He tells them he has been working with the don to officially seal the peace treaty, which was not as going as well as everybody hoped. Raven agreed saying that the guilds do not like the Empire because of the Heracles. And Ioder adds that members of the empire are saying they are against the treaty which he stated that they were for equality but according to Judith they would not be on equal footing because of it. Ioder stated if he knew about it before he could have stopped them, which shocked Yuri saying he was in line to be emperor, but he says he has no authority over the Knights. Estelle recites a quote saying the knights report only to the emperor and no one else. Yuri suggests that Ioder becomes emperor but he says it was not that simple. When Rita asked why not he says that in order for him to become emperor he must have the imperial treasure: Dein Nomos but it went missing around the time of the Great War and no one had seen it since which Raven says that was the reason they do not have an emperor, and Yuri added that it was why Ragou wanted it, a fact that slipped out. Ignoring that, Rita asked if it was okay for him to wander the streets to which he answered that he was on his way to Heliord. Raven deduced that since it was so close to Dahngrest, negotiations would be easier there. When a councilman tells Ioder they should be going, he agrees and both were on their way, but Estelle becomes worried.

As they try to find a boat at the harbor, they see two men run away and take notice. They find Mary Kaufman who was upset that the Indigo Beasts guild ran off and wanted them on a list of guild members who are blacklisted. Estelle and Yuri remember her which Karol was shocked to hear. He explains that they met her back at Deidon Hold and asked if she was a friend of his. He explains that she is the president of Fortune's Market, another of the five master guilds and Raven adds she's another member of the Union. Karol then comes up with an idea: She could give them a boat to cross the ocean over to Desier.

Kaufman was pleased to see Yuri again as she had a job for him. She wants Yuri and company to deal with mermen who are attacking cargo ships. Karol said that another guild served as her escort, but she said that the the leader passed away so they weren't available and the other guardian guilds were too afraid to take the job. Everyone was rather shocked to hear that her old escort was the Blood Alliance guild and everyone stared at Yuri since he was the one who killed their leader, Barbos, but he countered saying they were as guilty as he was. Yuri refused the job but Karol asked about the boat. He said they made a guild of their own, Brave Vesperia. Kaufman wanted to talk business but again, Yuri refused. She then suggested that the two guilds work together and that there are perks for getting along with her. He agreed to the terms but said they had to go to Nordopolica, which was fine with her because the mermen were only a problem in the waters. She then stated that as long as she went to another port it will be good enough and once they arrive she will not have problems making arrangements with another ship. Rita had a bad felling about the predicament but Judith saw it as an opportunity. She also sweetened the deal: if they arrive safely, she will give them the boat as a reward. Judith remarked the boat as beat up but it still worked. After hearing that, the deal was made and they were off.

[edit] Out at Sea

Out at sea, Kaufman introduced the ship, the Fiertia, which was the reward for escorting her to Nordopolica and she introduced Tokunaga, of the Gull's Song guild, which had connections to Fortune's Market, and he was an expert helmsman. After greeting the party she tells them that even though they are in no hurry, the negotiations are important. Estelle asked what the cargo was but that information was confidential but assured Yuri it was not anything dangerous. After she told them where to go, Tokunaga went over the instructions for the party: They could only get off the boat at a dock, port or beach and it can not pass over rocks, but deep rivers are a good way to get around but can not go under bridges. And there are monsters on other continents much stronger than the ones they faced before. After the explanation they left for Nordopolica.

Further out, Estelle hopes they do not run into the mermen, though Kaufman appreciates the help with her assistant saying that Leviathan's Claw will get there if they did not have an escort. Yuri wonders about the new guild he has been hearing about and Kaufman explains that they specialize in selling hoplon blastia, which explained the events of Heliord, and they have been stealing her clients and they would lure in another major customer if they were not able to cross the sea. Her assistant wonders where they were getting their supply since hoplon blastia were hard to find. Rita thinks the Empire might be behind the affair but realizes the mages were supervising the distribution. Suddenly, the mermen attack. After the attack was repelled Kaufman was impressed with their skills. Raven let the fact he was looking for apathea slip, reminding Yuri about what happened in Nor Harbor. Rita claims that it is nothing more than a myth though she had researeched it. Estelle wanted to know why he was looking for it and he answered that the Don told him to. Kaufman then left the navigation to Tokunaga, who left the responsiblility to the party, to which she agreed as they were ahead of schedule. Judith claimed that with a ship they could go wherever they wanted. Karol asked Estelle if they had more important things to do. After their discussion, Tokunaga entrusts the Fiertia to the party.

[edit] Trivia

  • In the Playstation 3 version of Tales of Vesperia, this is the hometown of the exclusive character Patty Fleur.
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