Cheagles are the sacred beast of the Order of Lorelei. Mieu, a young Cheagle, is a minor but important character in the story.

[edit] Habitat

Cheagles live in the Cheagle Woods just north of Engeve. They're herbivores and tend to live inside of hollow trees where they nest. The great tree they live in in Cheagle Woods releases some kind of pollen that keeps monsters away from it, making the Cheagles safer there.

[edit] Appearance and Abilities

Cheagles are small, bi-pedal animals with fur of varying colors (mainly: gold, red, blue and purple), white mask markings and white bottoms. They have two large, rabbit-like ears that are tufted at the end in three spikes.

Due to their size, they are easy prey for larger animals and monsters, however they have a natural defense in that they're a fire-breathing species. However, only adult Cheagles can breathe fire. Mieu, despite being a baby Cheagle, is able to breathe fire because of the Sorceror's Ring around his waist.

[edit] Relation to the Order

Cheagles are sacred to the Order and serve as a symbol. It's said that long ago, Yulia Jue made a pact with the Cheagles, one which was never forgotten and is still upheld by the Order. As a result, the Order tends to deal with matters involving Cheagles.

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