Chroma Dragons

The Chroma Dragons are three dragons that serve Solomus and guard each of Ephinea's Valkines.

The three dragons are each named after their respective Valkines:

  • Gloandrake, guardian of Gloandi
  • Duplewyrm, guardian of Duplemar
  • Forbrawyvren, guardian of Forbrannir

[edit] How to Find

You can meet each dragon and battle them throughout the Guardians of the Valkines sidequest, which is unlocked during the Main Arc after the Valkines have been drained. You'll find a star in front of each Valkines with "???" popping up when you approach it. Selecting it will prompt you to choose if you want to check it or not. Choosing to do so will immediately throw you into a battle with that Valkines' dragon. Successfully defeating them will give you a cutscene.

[edit] Purpose of Defeating Them

Aside from completing the sidequest, they are a necessary component to unlocking the 10th and final floor of the Zhonecage, as it's only AFTER you have defeated all three of them that you will gain access to floor 10, provided you completed the 9 floors below it.

[edit] Trivia

  • "Chroma" is the Greek word for color, referencing their association with eleth and the Valkines.
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