[edit] Tales of Symphonia

[edit] Getting Recipes

You can get new recipes throughout the game, usually by talking to the chefs around the world, or just by some people you meet. The chef will ask you "Would you like to get a taste of my world?" Answer "Yes" to get a new recipe. Some recipes are automatically obtained.

[edit] How to cook food

First, click on the recipe you want to make. If you have the ingredients required to cook the food, then you will be able to decide which character will cook. If you are missing one of the ingredients, then you will not be able to make the recipe. When the food is ready, you immediately use the effects of the recipe.

Each character is good at cooking cooking certain types of recipes and may be better or worse at preparing various foods. Characters may even fail a recipe sometimes, though the chances are usually low. Players may only cook once per fight or rest period.

[edit] Cooking Level

The screen used for selecting the character to cook the recipe also has stars on the bottom; this is the Cooking Skill level icon. You gain stars the more you cook a recipe. The more the stars, the more effective the recipe is if the character cooks it. The rate of gaining the stars depends on how good the character is at cooking the recipe. Five stars means that you've mastered the recipe.

[edit] Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

In Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, cooking has change slightly. While the process of getting new recipes is the same, the process of cooking food is has changed. Now you can no longer cook between battles, but can only cook while visiting one of the Katz stand. Also, you no longer eat the food, instead you feed it to monsters you have captured in order to increase their stats. Depending on the monster, it will have different likes and dislikes and the more a monster likes the food, the greater the stat boosts it will attain. When a monster gets an evolve icon next to its name it can be evolved by feeding it. Monsters can only be fed once per level, so when they reach their level cap you will not be able to feed them anymore

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