Deidon Hold

Deidon Hold is a town located north of Zaphias and east of Quoi Woods in Tales of Vesperia. It is a strong rock fortress built to protect the Empire from monsters in the plains and serves as a checkpoint between Zaphias and Halure.

[edit] History

The party first travels here to head to Halure. Once they enter they find a local merchant who explains to the group about Weapon Skills. Estelle explains what weapon skills are to Yuri Lowell and how the group can benefit from them from a book she is reading. The merchant gives the book to Estelle as a gift saying she will make more use of it than he will. Just as they were about to leave, a bell rings indicating monsters are about to charge the fortress. Just as the soldiers were about to close the gate a woman exclaims there are people on the other side. Yuri, Estelle and Repede decide to help out and save the people and do so before the gate will be closed on them. The trio are thanked by the people of the town but they soon encounter two men who are angry because they want to kill the monsters and decide to avoid them.

Afterwards they are greeted by the woman who introduced herself as Mary Kaufman, leader of Fortune's Market, who offers them to work for her, however Yuri refuses saying it was not his style. Kaufman complements on Yuri's quick wits and insight and says she loves a good deal even more. She explains the situation to the trio saying that a large monster known as the Lord of the Plains and his minions are stampeding since it is the time of year to do so, so going out through the gate is considered impossible. Yuri asks her if they can get a barrier but she says it will require asking the empire and as a guild leader who has had enough with the way the empire runs things and she does not want to ask them for one. He asks her if there is another way, calling out a bluff when she says she does not know and as the leader of a guild that specializes in worldwide item distribution she should know another way around. She tells him to head to Quoi Woods since it is much safer. With this information, the trio take their leave.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Giganto Monster "Lord of the Plains" is fought in the plains north of here.
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