Dezel in Tales of Zestiria
Race Seraphim
Height 6'0" (185cm)
Weapon Pendulum
Appearances Tales of Zestiria
Voice Actor(s) JP Daisuke Ono
ENChristopher Niosi
Dezel is a character that appears in Tales of Zestiria. He is a Wind Seraphim in a quest to hunt down the person responsible for the death of his friend. Although not having succumbed to the evil of the plague, he is driven by his hatred for the person he hunts. He is taciturn toward other members of the party, often hiding his true feelings.


[edit] Appearance

Dezel has medium length silver hair, tipped in a light green, which is hidden mostly by his black hat, which also conceals his eyes. He wears a green which is patterned with one vertical white stripe and 4 horizontal stripes of the same color. Over his shirt he wears a black jacket. He wears knee-high boots over his black, white, and green trousers, as well as a brown belt and a set of gloves of the same color.

[edit] Fighting Style

Dezel mostly uses Wind Seraphim Arts in combat, preferring to carefully manipulate the wind around him to perform attacks of high accuracy. He also uses a pendulum which he attacks with in a similar manner to a whip.

[edit] Gallery

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