Eleth is the substance in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f from which all life is created.


[edit] Types of Eleth

There are three types of Eleth that compose the make up of everything in the world. These types are Wind, Water and Fire. The combination of all three can create what would be likened to earth.

Of the three, Wind and Water type Eleth seem to be the easiest to control and make use of while Fire eleth requires a lot more patience and caution due to its naturally volatile and erratic nature.

Varying combinations of the three and in varying quantities are able to create many different substances. For example, ice is created due to a severe absence of fire Eleth from water Eleth. Similarly, mud would be created by an abundance of water Eleth with equal parts wind and fire Eleth.

[edit] Principles

Eleth has a few different principles to it with how it works, but the only one mentioned is the principle of Eleth Coupling, which is basically a principle that denotes that Eleth of the same type are naturally drawn together like magnets. The fountains in Yu Liberte use this principle to make two fountains appear as one fountain.

[edit] Transportation

Eleth as a natural substance is unable to be held, kind of like air. In order to transport it and use it effectively, Cryas were made to act as containers for Eleth and used to easily transport them. Although it's also possible that Eleth is able to naturally solidify itself into a cryas-like substance.

[edit] Source

Eleth is naturally produced by a planet's Lastalia which lies at the core of the planet. Eleth is always in a constant movement of traveling back and forth between the Lastalia and the surface, so as an energy source it's quite abundant.

[edit] Adverse Effects

Although completely harmless in small quantities, dense collections of Eleth can cause various adverse effects within the human body. Mainly, the most likely effect is described as an Eleth High, however it also seems that it can cause headaches as well. It's unknown what prolonged exposure to high densities of Eleth can cause.

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