Elraine's concept art
Age Appears 27
Race Human
JP Seiyuu Yoshiko Sakakibara

[edit] Introduction

The Holy Maiden of the Order of Atamoni, Elraine is worshiped as a living manifestation of the goddess Fortuna. She takes joy in granting happiness to people, and she is able to create miracles at will by drawing power out of Lens in a fashion similar to Reala. For that reason, people flock to her with offerings of Lens in order to receive her blessing. However, underneath her benevolent appearance lies a cruel fanatic who won't stop at nothing to accomplish her objectives. She wishes to create a world where everyone lives to serve Fortuna alone. Elraine serves as the primary antagonist against Kyle and the others who wish to stop her from interfering with the fate and history of the human race. She even tries to change the outcome of the War of Heaven and Earth in order to give the power of Lens to all people using Dycroft as a distribution system. She also sees herself as an extension to Fortuna, so her only responsibility is to aid in the ascendancy of the goddess with the assistance of Barbatos. Elraine is a powerful spellcaster who specializes in offensive holy magic, while her physical skills are mostly defensive in nature.

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