Elven Bow (Part 1)

[edit] Elven Bow

After fixing Luna's Pact Ring and getting kicked out of the Elven Colony go back into the place. You will read some dialogue between your party and the elves. Cress and Mint will go along with Brambert while Claus and Arche stay behind. At the weapon shop, the proprietor will say he cannot fix Chester's Bow. He then tells you to head east to Arsia's house. Leave the Elven Colony and head east to the manor. There Arsia will agree to fix the bow if Brambert is brought back to her. As collateral, Arche is turned to stone. Head for the Elven Colony yet again and talk to Brambert. Then head back to Arsia. There will be some dialogue which will result in getting Arche back and Brambert turned into a statue. You leave without the bow and cannot go back in.

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