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A list of episodes that appear in Tales of Zestiria the X.

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The Age of Chaos
Alisha climbs onto her horse and surveys the surroundings, mentioning how she didn't know the tornado from the previous year had caused so much damage. Two soldiers on horseback inform Alisha that they found a nearby village and they suggest that they could take shelter in it if they asked. Alisha refuses their suggestion, mentioning how she doesn't want to cause trouble and tells them that she doesn't mind camping out. After having set their horses by the river, the group survey a nearby cavern for shelter. Alisha notices something on the walls, with one of the soldiers asking her what she's looking at. Alisha tells her that she thinks they're in an ancient ruin, one from Asgardian times. Her soldiers join her in unveiling the mural on the wall and one of them suggests that it looks like a Shepherd. One of the soldiers exclaims how a soldier named Clem would be excited about the findings, being stated as a passionate believer of everything written in the "Record of Seraphic Remains". Alisha takes the book out of her pocket and explains that it is she who had recommended the book to Clem. Gannet, a soldier of Alisha's, asks her if she does believe in the existence of Shepherds. Alisha sighs and states that if they do exist, she would love to meet them. The screen segues into visuals of the Kingdom of Hyland, Alisha's home. A young female soldier states to the crowd that if they wish to attempt the trial of the Holy Sword Festival, that they must inquire within the sacred temple. Another soldier calls out to the young soldier named Clem, who is told that the princess has been looking for her and that he will relieve her of her duties. Clem thanks the soldier named Tao and runs towards the castle while Tao resumes asking anyone if they wanna attempt the trial. Clem walks into the princess's chamber and is asked by her attendant, Maltran whether or not her uncle is a doctor in Guriel. Clem states that her assumption is correct, with Maltran mentioning to the princess that Clem is the right person for the job. Clem wonders about the issue as Alisha interrupts her and states that an astronomer named Professor Drake reported the occurrence of a strange cloud-like mist that he'd observed recently. She states how the mist seems unaffected by wind or rain and just remains in the sky. Maltran cites the location as Guriel, with Clem realizing why she was asked for the job. Alisha states the strange weather phenomenons that Hyland has been experiencing over the past several years, with serious damages being wrought to their crops. She asks Clem if she could investigate and find out if anyone within the affected areas has any issues with their health. Clem agrees to the princess's request and goes on her way, stating as she's about to walk out that the "Record of Seraphic Remains" granted to her by the princess is her most treasured possession. Alisha expresses her joy in Clem liking the present and Clem gives her a happy smile. In another room, Alisha angrily stands up from her chair and questions the conscription of young people who came to attend their kingdom's festival. She cites the absurdity to the Lord Matthia. The bishop across from her tells her to settle down, stating that if the next town had an epidemic, that it would be logical to send in an army to take care of it. Alisha states that sending an army and reinforcing its rank are separate issues until she is rebuffed by the Lord who states that they don't have enough man power to send a security force, prompting to her the question of where exactly those soldiers will come from. He states that as princess, Alisha has a duty to recruit compatriots to her side. Alisha realizes the reasons for holding the festival and decides that as a member of the royal family, she will make it clear that the festival not be used as a tool to wage war. At the observatory far from the kingdom, Alisha notices how the black mist seems to be thickening. Professor Drake can't answer her questions about the odd behavior exemplifed by the mist, only stating that it's become more sinister than previously imagined, citing it as an omen for a terrible event. She asks the professor to travel to Guriel and find Clem. In the forest area, Alisha asks Gannet how long it's been since Clem took off for Guriel, with Gannet stating that it's been two weeks. Alisha observes the oddity in how long it's taking until Tao tells her to stay put. Assassins appear from the surrounding greenery and encircle Alisha and her soldiers. Tao, Gannet and Volta engage in hand-to-hand combat with the assassins while Alisha brandishes her spear and repels an assassin's attempts with her spear skills. In the midst of battle, she slices her enemy's mask and asks who sent him. A voice tells the man to retreat, stating that he is no match for her. All of a sudden, he releases an aura that changes his visage, growing out his hair, enlarging his ears and providing him a wide smile. A bewildered Alisha watches him vanish from sight. The voice asks her why she didn't finish him because it would have been so easy for her. She wonders if it's false justice, revealing herself to be Rose, with Alisha asking where she is. Alisha hears movement from a nearby branch, realizing that the voice has gone. In the sacred temple, Maltran wonders about Alisha's motives with regards to going to Guriel. Maltran says that it should be her who goes because Clem is one of her best students. Alisha states that Maltran should stay in order to continue preparations for the festival. Maltran wonders about Alisha's intentions of keeping the festival going, asking her if she truly believes someone will pull the sword out. Alisha states to Maltran that the one who pulls out the sword will become the Shepherd, having been blessed by the Lady of the Lake. While Alisha does believe it to be legend, she tells Maltran that she wants to keep this kind of hope alive in the land for as long as possible. One of the soldiers talks about the fact that Clem may have gotten too excited and delved into some ruins, with Alisha stating that Guriel possesess an ancient underground aqueduct that is similar to the ruins in Ladylake. They discuss how Clem bragged about exploring the ruins as a child, while stating that if that's what she's really doing, she'll get a good scolding for it. Alisha turns to her back and says she doesn't mind scolding her as long as she knows she's safe. As she looks to the sky, she notices the black mist seems to be moving further along it. She tells everyone to wear their masks, stating that Clem used to tell her green grapes are like jewels. Tao states that they can forget about bringing Maltran a souvenir as the environment seems to have been blighted. Tao gets off his horse to investigate the grapes, calling out to Alisha to reveal his findings. Suddenly, a young girl with an old man tells the soldiers not to steal, with the old man asking if they are outsiders. Volta readies her blade at the insolence of not knowing Alisha's identity, with Alisha telling her to calm down. Alisha asks the old man how long the mist has been in the area, with the old man stating it's only been fairly recent how obvious it was in the sky, although it's been there for a very long time. Alisha wonders about his statement of the mist already being there. The young girl offers Alisha grapes and Alisha decides to investigate the guard station in the city for Clem's whereabouts. The attendant at the guard station tells Alisha where Clem is, abruptly coughing while informing her about Clem. He tells her that Clem is heading towards the forest to the north. Alisha continues to wonder about the mist and asks what it is. The attendant tells her he doesn't know and that it just suddenly appeared there without any notice and that it just grew to that size. He continues coughing as he tells her that they sent out men to investigate the mist but that they found nothing strange from it. Alisha decides to ask him one more question, wondering how he thinks the state of the town has been. Alisha walks about the town, noticing how spiritless it seems to have become. She tells Tao to stay in the town and investigate it, with Tao asking where she's heading. She tells him that she's heading north to the forest with Gannet and Volta. Professor Drake is seen jumping down from a crevice, having discovered some residual blue lights that seem to be flowing out of it. As the trio heads further north, a strange cloud suddenly appears from the sky. The trio yell at Clem to watch out as she wonders why they're there. Clem turn around and notices a giant tornado forming behind her. She tells Alisha that she's been with Professor Drake and he decided it was a good time to discover the true nature of the ley lines. Alisha decides to take Clem aboard her horse as the tornado grows malevolent towards their direction. As the tornado descends on the land, the earth starts malforming and Professor Drake wonders about the sudden tremor. He stares at a clear sea of energy and takes some into a vial. Upon doing so, the vial's contents turn black. Alicia rides onward with Gannet and Volta to escape the calamity of the tornado sucking everything in its path. She wonders about how the town will fare if the tornado manages to hit them, with Clem stating how the professor told her everything was connected through ley lines. She mentions that the world's balance lies in maintaining the forces of natures via the ley lines. Since the balance is being disrupted, this is what's causing the recent whether phenomenons. The professor stated that people used to worship and live alongside invisible beings to prevent these disasters from happening, stating that mankind wasn't alone. However, having forgotten their heritage and the presence of these invisible beings has caused the world to decay. The professor states that he believes ley lines would allow him to uncover part of that secret, suddenly being engulfed by the aura of a dragon he discovered in the crevice. As the tornado rends the ground apart, Volta and her horse are taken by the tornado. Soon after, Gannet is also taken away by the strong force, having perished alongside Volta. Clem urges Alisha to leave her behind as the tornado will catch up to them with her on the horse. Alisha refuses Clem's suggestion and tells her that she won't allow such a thing to happen. In the midst of the chaos, Simone appears in the middle of the desert, stating that she will open the gate of chaos. Alisha rides past Simone and Simone decides to run further ahead of her, summoning flame pillars to spout from the ground. Lunarre watches from a nearby windmill and decides to join in amidst the chaos being wrought by the tornado and Simone. Alisha encounters Lunarre who claims Simone to be a decadent main dish, with the latter aiming dragon manifestations at Lunarre. Lunarre combats the manifestations with his own power while Alisha wonders what's going on. Suddenly, a tremor hits the ground and Alisha is thrown off her horse, wondering where Clem has gone. She looks to the crevice and calls out for Clem but to no avail. Lunarre gives Alisha a glare and continues staring at Simone. Unfazed, Simone dissipates from the area as Lunarre continues to watch Alisha grieve. Alisha despondently walks back to the town and is stopped by the terrible sight before her. She falls to her knees, realizing the town has been decimated and that Tao has perished. She looks behind her and sees the young girl she saw in the fields earlier. The young girl runs towards Alisha as Alisha gives a horrified look. The sky forms a black tornado that engulfs the young child trying to reach for Alisha. To her horror, Alisha sheds a tear and tries to reach out for the child until the tornado engulfs itself in flame from an explosion, presumably killing the young girl. Alisha holds onto a nearby armament to keep from being sucked into the tornado and watches intently as a fiery dragon emerges from the burning tornado.

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