Erealumen Crystallands

The Erealumen Crystallands Is a dungeon found in Tales of Vesperia located Northwest of Zophier and Northeast of Heliord, off the northeast part of Tolbyccia. It is an island that was formed after the birth of Undine, the Summon Spirit of Water, made of crystals, some of which can be destroyed by the Sorcerer's Ring.

[edit] History

After the birth of Undine, and saving Nordopolica, the party decides to make three more Summon Spirits to balance out the elements. One of the locations is the Erealumen Crystallands which, according to Rita Mordio, is a new land that was recently crystallized.

When the party first arrives, they are struck in awe as to how beautiful the place looks. Estelle says it is like a dream and Raven asks how they come up with such reactions. Judith says that the source of the crystallization is here and Rita adds that an Aer Krene is here as well. Repede notices some shattered crystals, leading Yuri Lowell to believe someome else got here before them and tells the party they should be careful.

Further inside, they are attacked by Nan, who passes out from exhaustion. Estelle discovers that Nan's body is covered in wounds and she heals them. When Karol Capell asks what happened, she says that Clint and the other members of the Hunting Blades guild went on ahead. Karol was shocked to hear they left her behind. She explained further that they found their target here, but because she had doubts, she could not do anything. She adds that even though she still hates monsters, she feels like hunting them is not that important with the world in it's current crisis and there are other things they should be doing. Raven comes to the conclusion that when Nan told Clint and Tison that, they left her behind. Karol could not believe it but Yuri told him to relax, and Rita says they need to hurry. Karol asks Nan if she can walk and she says she can but Estelle tells her it is dangerous to go alone. When he tells her to come with them, she agrees.

Further inside, the party finds Clint and Tison fighting the monster that escaped from them in Caer Bocram, which, according to Judith, is the Entelexeia, Gusios. Estelle says something is wrong as Gusios deflects both of Clint and Tison's attacks. Gusios absorbs even more Aer, but Rita notices the Aer is toxic. Nan runs to the other Hunting Blades but Karol says it's too dangerous. Clint and Tison tell her to leave but she says she will not abandon her new family and let them die. Judith tries to talk to Gusios but it knocks everyone away. Estelle prays and Undine is called forth, alongside Efreet (and Sylph). Nan could not believe what she saw. When Yuri asks what happened, Raven says he is in no move to talk. Undine says that even an Entelexeia can not absorb limitless amounts of aer and those Entelexeia who ingest more than they endure change and become Adephagos themselves. Yuri says he lost his mind trying to protect Terca Lumires. Undine (Or Efreet or Sylph) plea to the party to save him, while he is still Gusios and a tragic battle ensues.

After the battle, Gusios dies and becomes an Apathea. Clint wants to crush it to dust but Yuri and the others won't let him.

[edit] Trivia

  • This island is where the Giganto Monster Fenrir makes it's home.
  • Depending on the player's choice, this could be the second, third or fourth dungeon the party can visit depending on what order of the Summon Spirits they want to get.
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