Fon Master Ion

Fon Master Ion

Ion, the Master of Fonons
Japanese Name イオン,Ion
Age 14 (Estimated)
First Appearance Tales of the Abyss
Other Appearances N/A

Fon Master Ion is the most recent Fon Master, proceeded by Fon Master Enos. He is seen as a helper to the Tales of the Abyss party. He is also the only person who has the power to read the entire Score. His homeland is Daath.


[edit] Relationships

[edit] Friends

Luke Fon Fabre - Ion has a strange relationship with Ion. Luke hates Ion before he has a change of heart about midway through the game, but Ion likes to be around Luke the entire game, even after the destruction of Akzeriuth. Eventually, they became good friends.

Anise Tatlin - Anise is the Fon Master Guardian, meaning her job is to stay near the Fon Master and protect him 24/7. She is friends with Ion, and they think of each other as siblings, since they've been around each other forever. However, there is one secret that even Anise doesn't know until the end of the game...

[edit] Enemies

Van Grants - Van is the commander of the Oracle Knights, and Ion has a weak hatred for him that isn't normally shown. However, the party can sense a minor hatred for Van.

Sync - Sync and Ion have a very personal relationship which isn't revealed until late in the game. Due to this reason, Sync has a deep hatred for Ion, though it is truly unknown how Ion feels about Sync.

[edit] Role

Fon Master Ion is a helper to the party. You first meet him in the town of Engeve, after Luke tries to steal an apple. He comes in, with an aimless look on his face, wondering who raided the food stock at the inn, saying that he found a piece of Cheagle fur when he went investigating. He is later seen at the Cheagle Woods, fighting off a group of Wolves using Daathic Fonic Artes. Luke is then told to guard him throughout the rest of the game, except when he goes back to Daath.

[edit] Appearance

Ion appears with a boyish figure. He is much, much more mature than he looks. He is shown with green hair, wearing a half-cloak throughout the entire game. His outfit never changes.

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