Foselos is the name of the giant ring that surrounds Ephinea.


[edit] Appearance

Obviously, it's a very massive structure--large enough to encircle all of Ephinea. It has two large points jutting out that are labeled N (for North) and S (for South). The place these points are located mark the poles on Ephinea.

[edit] Use and Function

Foselos' primary function is regulating the amount of surface eleth and keeping eleth from escaping into space. It also appears to be the mechanism that holds the Aquasphere together.

[edit] Zhonecage

Foselos is the location of the secret dungeon in Tales of Graces f. In this dungeon the party must fight through 10 floors of progressively strong enemies and bosses. The bosses of each floor are known collectively as the Terma Ten.

The final boss--and guardian of Foselos itself--is Solomus.

[edit] Trivia

  • "Foselos" is Greek for "shield"
  • Due to its name meaning "shield", it can be insinuated from a sidequest that Emeraude was crippled due to an accident that happened when Foselos was being constructed
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