Halure is a town located north of Deidon Hold in Tales of Vesperia. The town is famous for having a barrier blastia that was fused together with a tree and the flowers that bloomed there are a beautiful sight to see.

[edit] History

The party first travels here to find Yuri Lowell's friend, Flynn Scifo. Upon their arrival, they find that the barrier is weak. Karol Capel explains that just before the tree blooms its flowers the barrier has to weaken. He then sees someone and runs off leaving Yuri and Estelle behind. Estelle goes to heal the wounded with her healing artes and is thanked by the mayor. The trio encounter Karol, who is heartbroken because his friend who he wants to show the flowers to left. Yuri, Estelle and Repede then head to the tree and the mayor explains that the tree is dying for an unknown reason. They soon see Karol, who explains the reason for the current state of the tree: the soil around the tree had been tainted with monster blood, causing the tree to be poisoned. He also explains that to cure it, he will need a panacea bottle. When the party tries to get one, the shopkeeper tells them he is sold out but if he has the ingredients he can make one. Karol says that to make a Panacea Bottle he would need a Luluria Petal, a Nia Fruit and an Eggbear Claw, so Yuri and Estelle decide to help him get the ingredients. Since the Luluria Petal is one of the flowers on Halure's tree they ask for one from the Mayor who states that he has one left, but he gives it to them in the hopes that it will help restore the tree. They go back to Quoi Woods to find the remaining two ingredients.

After obtaining the final ingredients, the party goes back to the shopkeeper, who explains the process of Item Synthesis and makes the Panacea Bottle for them. When they try to use the bottle on the tree, it works, though not well enough. Estelle then pleads to the tree, causing the soil to be purified and the tree becomes healthy again reactivating the barrier. Everyone is impressed by Estelle's miracle but Yuri has to cut it short as he notices Zagi and the red-eyes in hot pursuit of them. They bid farewell to the mayor and ran to Aspio.

The party returns with their new traveling partner Rita Mordio, who wanted to see the blastia. The Mayor informs them that Flynn had already left and stated he was surprised to see the barrier fixed. He also states that he left a letter written on the back of a wanted poster for Yuri's arrest with a bounty of 5,000 gald, in which Flynn said he will wait for him in Nor Harbor. Afterwards, Yuri finds Rita investigating the barrier and has a friendly talk about Estelle. As they are about to leave he sees Estelle surrounded by LeBlanc, Adecor and Boccos forcing her to return to Zaphias. Yuri stops them and has another mock battle, learning about the power of Over Limit in the process. After defeating them they notice the red-eyes chasing them and Yuri informs LeBlanc that it is a knights job to protect the people. Though LeBlanc has a duty to arrest Yuri, he knows he was right and must stop the red-eyes from hurting innocent people, giving Yuri and his friends time to escape.

After surviving the ordeals at , The party arrives seeing almost everyone from the imperial city taking shelter here, including Ioder. However, Yuri noticed that no one from the Lower Quarter is here and Ioder shares some grim news: After Alexei's seige, the entire capital has become a den of chaos. The water and air were polluted and Alexei himself has taken refuge in the castle. Everyone tried to evacuate, but the residents of the lower quarter were not so lucky. Later that night, Yuri tries to settle matters alone by leaving before anyone could wake up.

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