Harold Berselius

Harold Berselius
Harold's concept art
Age 23
Race Human
Height 4'11" / 149 cm
Weight 77 lbs / 35 kg
Hometown Radisrol
Weapon Rod/Knives
JP Seiyuu Akiko Hiramatsu

[edit] Introduction

Harold is the creator of the Swordians, and because of her name and accomplishments she is often believed to be a man, but this does not bother her in the least. The classic eccentric genius, Harold thinks of everything in terms of her research, and is all but helpless in non-academic affairs. While she often seems childish and unpredictable as a result, she is also very perceptive. As part of the surface-based army in the War of Heaven and Earth (NA: Aeth'er Wars), which takes place 1,000 years before the timeline of Kyle, Harold is responsible for weapons development and has an acute interest in robotics along with her mastery of magical forces. Harold is an offense-oriented spellcaster who makes use of magical rods and knives in battle. Due to her superior intelligence, she can cast some of the most powerful spells late in the game, while being significantly less potent in close-range combat. Her North American name is Harold Berselius, as she is also referenced in the NA version of Tales of Destiny as the progenitor of the Swordians.

[edit] Other Appearances

Harold appears in the form of a cameo costume for Pascal in Tales of Graces f.

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