Hisui Hearts

Hisui Hearts
Jadeite Hearts.png
Hisui Hearts in Tales of Hearts
Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Tales of Innocence R
Race Organican
Gender Male
Age 18
Hometown Dronning
Weight 154lbs (70kg)
Height 6'0" (184cm)
Soma Gale Arc
Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Voice Actor(s) JP Masaya Matsukaze
Hisui Hearts (ヒスイ・ハーツ Hisui Haatsu, Jadeite Hearts in Tales of Graces F) is a protagonist and playable character in Tales of Hearts and Tales of Hearts R. He is the older brother to Kohaku Hearts.


[edit] Background

Hisui is a young man from Dronning, who grew up there with his little sister Kohaku Hearts. Since their mother passed away, Hisui has been very protective of Kohaku. Even though he doesn't believe that Kohaku has a woman living in her Spiria, he decided to help his sister on her journey anyway.

[edit] Personality

[edit] Fighting Style

Hisui possesses the Soma Gale Arc, which are crossbows worn on his arms. He is the primary healer of the party, and can use water and wind elemental Will artes.

[edit] Church Confessions

"I keep putting Kohaku in all kinds of hot water, which totally sucks since I'm her big brother."

"The kid seems to have the hots for Kohaku, but I'm gonna do whatever it takes to stop him!"

"I always end up comparing other girls to Kohaku and feeling like she's better than them."

[edit] Friendship Thoughts

Kor lvl 1: "What is with this guy? Guess we need his Soma, though."
Gall lvl 1: "Help is good, but can we trust the old-timer?"

[edit] Trivia

  • Hisui’s name comes from from “翡翠” (Hisui), the Japanese word for “Jade”.
  • Hisui did a lot of hunting back in Dronning. He claims he can hit 100 targets with 100 arrows, but Kohaku says that he can only hit about 70.
  • Since he is from Dronning, he originally spoke with a thick accent. (It was a different Dialect in the Japanese versions.)
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