Katz Guild


[edit] Katz Guild

They are placed in numerous places around the world, usually appearing once or not at all in a town or dungeon. Here, you can change the monsters in your party, feed your monsters or take quests.

[edit] Party

To remove a monster from your party, select it and press C. If you press the C button while selecting a monster that isn't in your party, then it'll leave permanently. The monsters are organized by type:

  • Plant
  • Beast
  • Bird
  • Insect
  • Aquatic
  • Free Form
  • Dragon
  • Demon
  • Ghost
  • Magical Being

[edit] Cooking

Cook food and feed it to your monsters. Note that you can only feed a monster once per level. You may choose which character will cook the food for the monster you have chosen. Each type of monster differs on taste and would prefer different recipes over others.

Sweat = Hates the food

Silence = Dislikes the food

Music Note = Likes the food

Heart = Loves the food

Cooking will also make the monster evolve once the Evolve icon is present. Food will also improve your monster's stats, or slightly decrease it depending on which recipes you make for your monster.

To find new recipes, look for the Wonder Chef hidden around the world. The Wonder Chef will take the form of suspicious looking objects placed on the ground.

[edit] Quest

You can take a short side-quest here and be rewarded once you're finished. Quests have 5 ranks; D being the easiest and S being the hardest.

D > C > B > A > S


Each quest can only be taken once, so if you fail or cancel a quest, you'll be unable to do the quest again. Also, if you die during a quest, it won't be a game over.

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