Kor Meteor

Kor Meteor
Kor Meteor.png
Kor as he appears in Tales of Hearts.
Appearances Tales of Hearts
Tales of Hearts R
Tales of VS
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Race Organican
Age 16
Hometown Seaville
Gender Male
Height 5'6" (167cm)
Weight 119 lbs (54kg)
Soma Asteria
Voice Actor JP Tetsuya Kakihara
Kor Meteor (シング・メテオライト Shingu Meteoraito, Shing Meteoryte in the Japanese games) is the protagonist of Tales of Hearts and the re-release Tales of Hearts R.


[edit] Background

Kor lives in the quiet fishing village of Seaville with his grandather Sydan Meteor. One day, he finds Kohaku Hearts and her brother, Hisui Hearts washed up on the shore. He tries to give Kohaku mouth-to-mouth, only to have her attack him since she suspected he was trying to assult her. After explaining the situation, he agrees to help her find Somas.

[edit] Personality

Kor is an excitable yet naive boy, with little knowledge of the world outside Seaville. He is very loyal and rather impulsive, and will go to incredible lengths for those he considers friends.

[edit] Fighting Style

Kor possesses the Soma Asteria, worn as a bracer with a shield on his left arm. When called forth from his Spiria, it takes the form of a sword. He specializes in light and lighting elemental artes.

[edit] Church Confessions

"So I broke Kohaku's Spiria Core, although I'm going to fix it."

"I've noticed I'm kind of always looking at Kohaku's legs."

"I borrowed Hisui's goggles when he wasn't looking and scratched them."

[edit] Friendship Thoughts

Hisui lvl 1: "This is Kohaku's brother? Guess I better grin and bear him."
Gall lvl 1: "It's good to have you along, but, ah, who are you?"

[edit] Trivia

  • Kor’s name comes from the Latin word “Cor” which means “Heart”. His Japanese name comes from the words “心” (Shin) which means “Heart” and “具” (gu) which means “Tool”. Developers have said his name is supposed to mean “armed with a heart”.
  • He has written poetry.
  • He often learns inappropriate words and slang and uses them even though he doesn't know what they mean.
  • When he borrowed Hisui's Soma, his Spiria made it shoot his grandfather's powerhog stew.
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