Lailah in Tales of Zestiria
Race Seraphim
Height 5'10 (177cm)
Weapon Paper
Appearances Tales of Zestiria
Voice Actor(s) JP Miyu Matsuki
ENCarrie Keranen
Lailah is a character that appears in Tales of Zestiria. She is a Fire Seraphim who has been waiting in the Shpeherd's legendary sword waiting for someone to make a new contract with it. Sorey is granted a contract by Lailah and the two embark on a journey for Sorey to become a full Shepherd.


[edit] Appearance

Lailah has long, silver hair which darkens at the tips. She wear a red and gold headband which is in front of a high pony tail. She has green eyes. Lailah wears a long red, white, black and gold dress complimented by red and white high heeled boots extended by red ribbons wrapped around her lower leg. Her outfit is dotted with green gems.

[edit] Fighting Style

Lailah uses her Fire Seraphim Artes via the use of paper, able to use both long and short range attacks.

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