Lance of Kresnik

The Lance of Kresnik is a piece of Spyrix technology that appears towards the start of the game in Tales of Xillia and remains one of the key focus points of the main story arc. It is a giant lance-type weapon capable of absorbing large amounts of mana from its surroundings; both from the air and from people and spirits near it.

[edit] Story

At the beginning of Tales of Xillia when Milla and Jude are investigating the laboratories at Fennmont, they come across the Lance of Kresnik. After a brief battle with Agria, the Lance becomes active. In an attempt to deactivate and destroy it, Milla uses the Four Great Spirits, however due to the power and instability of the Lance, the Spirits get trapped inside the Lance forcing Jude and Milla to flee the collapsing building.

Later in the story Milla and Jude return to Fennmont to destroy the Lance and regain the Four Great Spirits, however they find it has been moved from its original location and during their pursuit to find its new location they come across Agria again, and after another battle with her, she reveals its new location as having been moved to the Fezebel Marsh where the battle between Rashugal and Auj Oule was taking place.

At Fezebel Marsh, it is revealed that the Lance of Kresnik was developed by Gilland and the members of Exodus. Thought to be a weapon to destroy the opposing sides army, in this case Auj Oule, it is revealed that is true purpose is to puncture a hole in the Schism and allow the Elympion army to burst through. Gaius attempts to take it from Gilland, Exodus, and the invading army of Elympios and ultimately fails.

It later appears in a battleship under the control of Gilland and members of Exodus and after a battle with Gilland and his Spyrite, Celsius, Milla manages to destroy the Lance and free the Four Great Spirits but at the cost of her own life.

After it was excavated by the now aligned armies of Auj Oule and Rashugal - under the leadership of the newly proclaimed king of Reize Maxia Gaius - the Lance makes its final appearance in the Spirit realm before the Lord of Spirits Maxwell. Gaius tries to use the lance to destroy Maxwell and take his place in order to keep the Schism in tacked and prevent the world of Reize Maxia and Elympios from interacting. However the lance is then destroyed by a newly resurrected Milla, Jude, and the rest of the team.

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