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Japanese ライフィセット
Age 10
Gender Male
Height 142cm
Weapon Paper
Species Malak
JP Seiyuu Azumi Asakura
Character Designer Minoru Iwamoto
Game Appearances Tales of Berseria

Laphicet is a main character in Tales of Berseria. He was born as a Malak and has spent his entire young life in slavery to the Abbey. As a slave he had no name, often being called "Number 2" by Teresa Linares, and possessed no will of his own. Not even emotions.


[edit] Profile

[edit] Appearance

Since he's a child, he's very small in comparison to the rest of the party. He has short, light blonde hair with white tips towards the bottom and a single curl of hair at the top of his head that almost looks like a halo. His eyes are apple green. He wears a dress-like garment with puffy sleeves along with a collar that has a bell on it, and a cape-like accessory that drapes down the front and back. He carries a bag with him. He has an uncanny resemblance to Velvet Crowe's little brother.

[edit] Alternate Costumes

Laphicet can wear alternate costumes that are released as downloadable content.

[edit] Personality

At the start of Velvet's journey, he doesn't have a mind of his own. However, over time, he starts to develop one.

[edit] Fighting Style

Like Lailah, he wields paper as a weapon but he also has an arsenal of spells at his disposal due to being a malak.

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