Let's Go Arche! Mini Game

[edit] Let's Go Arche!

This mini game is unlocked after you beat the game once.

[edit] Story

This mini game takes place after Dhaos is defeated and the party returns to their original times. It is the year 4352, the time where Arche and Suzu are currently living at. One day, Arche decides to have her fortune told, only to be told by the fortune teller that she has a terrible fate awaiting her if she doesn't help enough people in the next five minutes. Now Arche, with the help of Suzu, try and solve the problems of the people in the town of Miguel to receive as many thanks as possible.

[edit] Game

Time doesn't pass when you're fighting monsters or talking to people. Your main objective is to talk to the people, and complete the quests of those with problems to receive their thanks. Most of these quests involve going through a dungeon you've already visited before. When time's up, you automatically return to the fortune teller, even if you are in the middle of a quest, and listen to the thanks of the people you've helped so far. There are multiple endings to the Let's Go Arche mini game, which varies with how many thanks you get from the people.

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