Lhant Hill

Lhant Hill is a location in Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

[edit] Appearance and Significance

Lhant Hill is a small, lush and vegetated area located just a little outside of Lhant. It seems to carry some cultural significance for the people of Lhant, due to its special phenomena of having constantly blooming flowers.

In the Main Arc, Lhant Hill is where Asbel Lhant and Hubert Oswell discover Sophie as children. It's also the location where Asbel, Sophie and Richard made their friendship pact.

It's also the place where, seven years later, Sophie reappeared to help Asbel and Cheria.

Later on in a skit, you learn that Lhant Hill is one of few locations in Ephinea where all three types of eleth naturally gather, which is revealed to be the cause of it always having flowers in bloom (and by extension also why the spring at the base of the hill has healing properties).

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