Lilium Orb

Lilium Orbs are items that allow you to earn GP (or Growth Points) when you gain a level, and spend them to strengthen your character in Tales of Xillia. The different nodes in its six sides each correspond to a different stat, which you can develop as you see fit. These are; Strength, Vitality, Agility, Intelligence, Psyche, and Dexterity. The areas that are surrounded by nodes contain sealed Artes and Skills. If you spend GP to activate all of the nodes that surround the area, you can lean the arte, or skill, contained within. In addition to the six stats, there are node icons for HP, TP, and SP (which are required for equipping skills). There are also special nodes for artes and skills which can be activated if you activate all the nodes that surround them. In the outermost hexagon layer, there is one area that acts as a key. If you activate it along with two more areas in the outermost layer, the Lilium Orb will expand.

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