Luca Milda

Luca Milda
Ruca Milda.jpg

Luca Milda, the Fallen
Japanese Name Ruca Milda
Age 15
First Appearance Tales of Innocence
Other Appearances Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Tales of Innocence R

Luca Milda is the main hero of Tales of Innocence. He is a shy child, who is considered weak at first by his friends. He is the son of a merchant. He is not exactly "physically fit."

[edit] Asura

Asura was Luca's past life. He was a strong demon lord who was feared and conquered many battles. His weapon was the holy sword Durandal (Spada Belforma) and his wife was Inanna (Iria Animi).

[edit] Trivia

His name means "Meek Luke", "Luca" being a form of "Luke" and "Milda" meaning "meek" in Esperanto.

[edit] Other Data

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