Lunarre closeup.png
Race Human, Hellion
Gender Male
Height 6'/185cm
Weapon Claws, Blue Flame
JP Seiyuu Takehito Koyasu
ENG VA Austin Tindle

Lunarre is a minor antagonist in the game Tales of Zestiria. A human assassin turned hellion, he presents the first encounter for the game's protagonists Sorey and Mikleo with a hellion of considerable power.

A hellion with foxlike features, Lunarre attacks by incapacitating his prey with his claws and corrupted fire in order to then devour them. As a hellion, he is granted the ability to see other hellions and Seraphim, and hunts them as well as humans with little discretion.

[edit] Personality

As a hellion, Lunarre is a sadistic and violent personality. Upon encountering Sorey and Mikleo, he taunts them with the death of Mason at his hands and attacks them as well even though his primary target is absent. He thinks more highly of himself than the humans and seraphim he eats, referring to them all as food and Sorey and Mikleo as "Worms who dare to wriggle at a god" for chasing after him after the incident in Elysia.

[edit] Tales of Zestiria

Lunarre is first encountered in Elysia after Alisha's visit to the village has ended. He has followed the princess up the mountain with the intention of killing and eating her, as the assassin's guild he is a part of has received a contract for her murder. Upon not finding the princess, he instead attacks the seraphim he finds in the forest, killing and eating Mason in the process. He is fought off by Sorey and Mikleo as well as their family, and takes off down to the land below again.

Lunarre devours an unconscious Mason.

He is later encountered again in Ladylake, where Sorey and Mikleo fight him once more. He is then captured and reprimanded by his employers, and brought away from the city before Sorey and Mikleo are warned of a greater danger to Alisha's life.

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