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ToB Magilou.png
Japanese マギルゥ
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Height 160cm
Weapon Guardian
Species Human
JP Seiyuu Satomi Sato
Game Appearances Tales of Berseria
"I suppose you’ll never understand. People can be so miserable. Not that it matters, really."

Magilou is a protagonist in Tales of Berseria. She is a mysterious woman who introduces herself as a “great sorceress” and “Head of Menagerie”, even though their reputation is for “unlicensed witchcraft”.[1]


[edit] Profile

[edit] Appearance

Magilou looks to be a young woman with long, dirty blonde hair extending near her calves. She wears a stylized witch hat with two pointy ends and a tri-tipped shape. She wears a black, feathered choker on her neck, with a purple embroidery seeping through it at the bottom. Her dress consists of a variety of colorful shapes and is adorned with mauve books fulfilling the functions of a skirt. Her gloves and her stockings echo the potential absurdity in her nature through the mismatch of opposites in its color selection. Her right stalking seems to have an image of a wolf near her thigh.

[edit] Alternate Costumes

Magilou can wear alternate costumes that are released as downloadable content.

[edit] Personality

Magilou is easy going and rather reckless at times. Extroverted and chatty, Magilou could break the ice in any party conversation, but there’s something sinister about her: something in the heartless things she says to Velvet, and the callous phrases she can sometimes spout, that hint at an evil edge befitting the title “witch”. Magilou’s chatty demeanour hides veiled intent behind gibberish, jokes and lies. Though she seems cheerful enough, there is something of a trickster about her. Occasionally her heartless behaviour can uncover great truths.[1]

[edit] Fighting Style

Magilou's fighting style is a rear guard type and she is great at fire and water artes. In melee battles, she transforms her guardian into various forms and fights in a skillful way.[1]

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