Manor of the Wicked

The Manor of the Wicked is a dungeon located west of Dahngrest and north west of the Forest of Keiv Moc on the continent of Tolbyccia in Tales of Vesperia. It serves as a compound for the guild Leviathan's Claw. It is described as Yeager's guild, the Leviathan's Claw's hideout with a large amount of black market weapons being kept here.

[edit] History

Yuri Lowell and his friends arrive here to find Don Whitehorse in order to stop a war that will happen between Altosk and Palestralle. Estelle notes that the place is heavily guarded and Yuri sees that Yeager's lackeys, Gauche and Droite are arguing with a guard at the front gate about him not letting them in. The guard says their timing is too perfect and asks to give them proof of identification. Gauche orders the guard to let them in saying they do not have time to waste since Don Whitehorse is here, meaning Raven's intuition is accurate. The guard asks if they were looking for proof that the Hunting Blades guild are after the Dragon Rider but Gauche tells him the Don was heading here before they could arrive at Mt. Temza and Droite says they can not ignore news like that. Yuri soon realizes Judith is in danger. Droite threatens the guard that they will beat him up and he will be of no use to Yeager if he does not let them through. The guard complies to them on the condition that they have an escort. Gauche agrees to his conditions and tells him to let them in. Raven thanks his good fortune now that there are less guards and Yuri suggests they charge while they have the chance. Another guard spots the party but Repede prevents him from going any further and a fight beaks out.

After the scuffle, Yuri says that they have not been spotted yet and Raven says they should get inside. Estelle wonders why the Hunting Blades would go after Judith and Rita Mordio says that if they were looking for apatheia, they will want the dragon she is riding and if he is an Entelexeia he can become an apatheia like Belius when he dies. Raven surmises that Harry Whitehorse's request is not the only reason they wanted to take down Belius as they want the apatheia as well. Yuri says that even though Judith is in trouble, they have to help the Don first especially with Gauche and Droite in there. Though Raven says they should get going, Estelle says she is worried about Judith. Yuri asks if she will go to Mt. Temza and reminds her she is practicing on deciding things for herself and tells the others to get going. She decides to come along, saying that Judith will be upset with her if she left the Don to help her and thinks about what she might say to her. Rita tells her not to worry about her and that she is tough. Yuri says they should get the Don out of here as it is one more thing they can not ignore to which Estelle agrees.

Once inside they find the Don confronting Yeager. As they try to approach him, the guild members, including Gauche and Droite, block their path and Gauche orders them to stand back. Yuri asks Raven if he remembers saying Leviathan's Claw will not try something like kill the Don. Droite says the Don is the one who started the situation, leading Raven to believe that something bad will happen. The Don asks Raven what he is doing here bringing the party with him. Yeager insults the Don. Rita wants to know what Yeager is talking about but another fight breaks out. After the fight Raven wonders where the Don is and Estelle tells him he has gone after Yeager and the party goes after him.

They find him in the farthest room on the second floor. Once again Gauche and Droite block them. Yeager tells the Don he never imagine he would try anything as risky as coming to the manor. The Don says that he has made up his mind and that the world will be a better place without him. Yeager tells him the other master guilds, Fortune's Market and the Soul Smiths, will not like the fact that he ignores the Union's laws for his personal vendetta and the Don says he will face the consequences. The Don notices it is daybreak and he says that he is out of time and if he does not get back to Dahngrest, both Altosk and Palestralle will start a war with each other. Yeager tells him it is too late to prevent it from happening. The Don says he is prepared to pay the price. Yuri intervenes saying that Yeager has to deal with them but Yeager and his lackeys take their leave. The Don asks the party if coming to the manor is the smart thing to do. Yeager gives him the apatheia, telling him it is a keepsake from Belius and they were asked to give it to him. The Don regrets the fact Belius turned into an apatheia. When Rita asks what the apatheia is the Don says he does not have time to explain since more members of Leviathan's Claw show up and the Don jumps out the window. Yuri says they should leave as well. Raven insists that he should buy the Don some time to which Yuri agrees and yet another fight arises. After the fight, the party escapes by jumping out the window, with Yuri suggesting they get back to Dahngrest which they do.

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