Martel Yggdrasill

Martel Yggdrasill
Martel, legendary chosen and sister to Mithos
Japanese Name Maateru Yugudorashiru
Age 4,000+
Race Half-Elf/Angel/Lifeless Being
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia
Other Appearance(s) N/A

Martel, along with her younger brother Mithos Yggdrasill, were banished from the town of Hiemdall, the village of the elves when they were young. Both of them were half elves, hated and scorned in the ancient world. The two countries Sylvarant and Tethe alla were also at war. Mithos and Martel found Kratos Aurion, a human traveling mercenary, and Yuan Ka-Fei, another half elf. Together, the four of them traveled around the world and made pacts with Summon Spirits in order to complete the journey of regeneration, a task given to a select chosen. They put a stop to the war, however Martel was killed by a human. Despite her death, her spirit remained intact with her Cruxis Crystal. Mithos used this lifeless spirit to infuse with the Mana Tree, disrupting the flow of mana. In order to keep the world together, Mithos used the Eternal Sword to split the world in two, hoping to create a link of mana flowing from one world to the other after the introduction of the journey of regeneration and summon spirits. One planet, Sylvarant, and the other Tethe alla, both started vying for eachother's mana. In most of Tales of Symphonia, The main antagonist, Martel's younger brother Mithos, was trying to bring her back to life. This was 4000 years later. Lloyd's group put a stop to Mithos' plan and replanted the giant tree. When this happened, the goddess Martel made to look like Martel Yggdrassil merged with a living doll by the name of Tabatha to form the spirit of the tree. Throughout the game it also hinted that Yuan and Martel may have had a relationship.

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