Maximus Empire

The Maximus Empire is a world-wide empire that governs all lands in Tales of Hearts and Tales of Hearts R.

Its capital is Straga, the fortress city.

Despite having its own Imperial Army, the soldiers tasked with guarding the castle are Crystal Knights, presumably because their Soma use makes them better than the normal soldiers.

[edit] History

The Maximus Empire was originally a smaller empire but expanded during the War of Unification and became the first empire in recorded history to unite the entire world. Since its unification, no wars have been waged.

The empire's unified state is fairly new and only a little over a decade old, as the current ruler during the course of the game is only the 2nd ruler of the unified empire.

[edit] Religion

The empire has a state-wide religion which is carried out by the Valentin Church. Many cities within the empire have a chapter of the church and the Crystal Knights are headquartered out of the capital alongside the Imperial Army.

[edit] Emperors

The known rulers of the empire, both before and after unification, are: Emperor Zirconia and Empress Paraiba.

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