Meredy's concept art
Age 16
Hometown Imen
Height 5'2" / 157 cm
Weight 99 lbs / 45 kg
Weapon Whistle
JP Seiyuu Omi Minami
EN VA Unknown

[edit] Introduction

Meredy (メルディ Merudi) is a 16-year old Craymal Mage from Celestia who speaks a language alien to the Inferians, "Melnics", that prevents her from being understood at the beginning of the game. A happy-go-lucky girl, she is known to spontaneously break into dance and is always accompanied by her pet Quickie (クィッキー Kuikkī).

[edit] Other Appearances

Meredy can be found in the Meltokio Coliseum in Tales of Symphonia as part of the cameo battle there alongside her fellow party member Farah Oersted and Garr Kelvin from Tales of Destiny.

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