Mt. Temza

Mt. Temza is a mountain dungeon located north of Yormgen and the Sands of Kogorh on the continent of Desier in Tales of Vesperia. One of the protagonists, Judith, was born in the city of Temza on this mountain but now the city is in ruins due to the Great War that happened ten years before the events of the story. It is described as a mountain that was destroyed by warfare in the past and traces of the damage can still be seen,


[edit] History

[edit] Past

Twenty years before the events of the story, in the mountain village of Temza, a Krityan scientist named Hermes invented a blastia that revolutionized the world as it can convert aer into energy. One year later, his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and they decide to call her Judith. During her childhood she was brave enough to befriend an Entelexeia by the name of Ba'ul and the two became inseperable. However, tragedy strikes when the Great War broke out and the village of Temza was caught in the crossfire. This leaves a nine-year-old Judith in a severe state of shock as her home and parents were wiped out in the blink of an eye, but Ba'ul saves her before her life would be claimed.

[edit] Brave Vesperia's First Arrival

After the death of Don Whitehorse the Brave Vesperia guild arrives to confront Judith. Karol Capel notices a lot of human footprints on the ground leading Estelle to believe the Hunting Blades guild is here though Yuri Lowell believes it might be the Knights. When Estelle asks why the Knights would be here Yuri says that Flynn Scifo is looking for apatheia as well and since the Hunting Blades are here the Knights might be here for the same reason. When Estelle wonders why everyone is looking for apatheia, Rita Mordio says they never got an explanantion form the Don and Yuri says that things might clear up of Judith tells them what she knows. At the top of a hill, Karol tells the others to see what he sees over the hill. The party can not believe their eyes as they see craters from the top of the hill. Rita says that the mountain has been flattened. When Estelle asks what could have happened Karol asks if there is supposed to be a town here. Raven tells the party the town was here ten years before the events of the story but he does not know what happened since then. When Yuri asks what he was doing here back then they hear the screech of Ba'ul, which Rita immediately recognizes. Raven hopes that everything is all right and Estelle tells them to hurry.

[edit] A History Lesson

On the way up the mountain, they find another crater. Yuri says the damage is worse up close. Rita says there is no way this happened naturally and Estelle says it looks like something exploded here. Karol wonders if the monsters in the area can do something like that and Raven says there were, but they were wiped out. When Estelle asks what he means he tells them that the area was a battlegroung during the Great War, leading Estelle to believe that humans and the Entelexeia fought here quoting that even though the humans were victorious there were hardly any survivors and the facts behind the war are shrouded in darkness. She also says that no official government histories give many details about what happened. Rita surmizes the Entelexeia did the damage to the mountains and says their power is terrible. Yuri says that it is the first time he heard a battle took place here. Raven tells him that the empire has kept a tight hold on information about the Great War and he should know they have a lot of secrets. Rita thinks that it is strange that monsters would wage war against humans and Estelle says the empire did not want the public to know that the monsters were actually the Entelexeia. Karol is impressed that Raven knew of this and he says that they can come across a lot if they live long enough. Yuri reminds the party of the task at hand and Estelle wonders if the Hunting Blades have Judith cornered. Rita says that it is her job to beat Judith to a pulp and she will not let them beat her to it.

[edit] Raven in the Great War

As they trek further up, Estelle asks Yuri what is the matter. Yuri is thinking about what Judith said about Ba'ul saving her during the war and realizes she was talking about the great war. Rita says she must have fought against the empire with the Dragon Rider during the Great War. Yuri says that Raven could tell him since, after putting the pieces together, he figures he fought during the Great War. When Raven asks why Yuri says that only someone who was there would know so much about the war. Karol says that there were not many survivors and Raven agrees saing he thought he was going to die as well and saying that if only he did die things would be simpler. When Estelle asks if he saw Judith during the war Raven says he has not since, even though he is a ladies man he was not allowed to be near ten-year-old girls. He also says he never saw Ba'ul and that maybe they ran from the battle. Yuri surmizes that the Entelexeia fought the battle which Raven affirms saying back then, the humans thought they were a terrible breed of monsters. Karol can not believe that Raven fought in the Great War and it was cool, though he thought only the Imperial Knights fought in the war. Raven says he will tell him when he is older and they move on.

[edit] Judith Returns

The party arrives in what appears to be the ruins of a city. Estelle wonders if this village is a Krityan city and Rita states it is more like the remains of one. When Karol asks what everyone thinks Judith would come here for Yuri says it would not make sense to be homesick. Suddenly, Repede senses something and everyone notices two Hunting Blades members being knocked back. Estelle spots their attacker, Judith, on one of the ledges. Judith is surprised when she notices the party. One of the guild members tells the other to inform Tison and Nan, but Yuri tells them that no one will lay a hand on one of their own and that if she has broken the laws they will handle it and orders them to leave. The guild member says they are only following a monster they are hunting and the other guild member says it does not involve them. Rita wants to blast them and Raven agrees saying it is a waste of time to talk sense into them. When Yuri tells them that their only options are to fight or flee the guild members run off. When Judith proclaims that they followed her here, Yuri says they are here to settle things for the sake of a guild in a more serious tone. Karol tells Judith to tell them everything she knows with Rita adding about why she destroyed the blastia, the apatheia, the Entelexeia and their relationship to Phaeroh. Yuri warns her that even though she is one of them, her answers will decide her fate. Judith remembers the guild law about punishing the unjust saying that she does not know if it is a good thing or not and since they have already come this far there is no going back now so she tells them to come with her. As they do, Karol asks Yuri what he means about Judith's fate and Yuri tells him that if the Don's last moments have taught him one thing, it is that he has been too soft and that if a part becomes infected they cut it off before it spreads whether it is an Entelexeia, a commrade or a friend. Karol asks if it means Flynn or Phaeroh and Yuri affirms stating it is the path he has chosen for himself.

[edit] Judith's Explanation

Near the top of the mountain, Judith asks the party if they are aware that this place was the ground on which the Great War was fought and Yuri states they already heard the story from Raven. Judith explains that the Great War was started by one type of blastia, something Rita, as a blastia expert, can not believe. Judith further explains the blastia in question was not excavated, rather it was constructed, in the city of Temza, using a new kind of technology: the Hermes blastia. Estelle wonders about the blastia and Rita claims she has never heard of it and if Judith says it is newly built it should be studied. Judith continues explaining that the Hermes blasia are more effective at converting aer into energy and they were intended to revolutionize the technology of blastia and Yuri deduces that something went wrong. Judith continues her explanation by saying that the blastia using the Hermes-type formulas required massive quantities of aer and that the aer krene had to produce abnormal amounts of aer in order to compensate for the consumption. Rita realizes that something like that will not only mean the end of humanity, but all life on Terca Lumireis. It reminds Raven of when the aer krene had to produce more aer at Keiv Moc and the Weasand of Cados and he says he would not like to see that happen everywhere. Judith continues by saying the Entelexeia realized the danger of the Hermes blastia before the humans and they moved to destroy them to which Yuri adds that it created a conflict that eventually grew into the Great War. When Karol asks that if the Entelexeia fought against the humans to save the planet Estelle asks why the Entelexeia did not tell the humans how dangerous the blastia were. Even though Rita gets angry, Raven concludes that neither side cared if the other brought itself to ruin, that there is no love loss between the humans and the Entelexeia and they did not talk much though there may have been other reasons but the party still does not know what the story has to do with Judith. She tells them that Temza fell to the flames of war and the technology of the Hermes blastia was believed lost. When Karol asks if there are Hermes models still in operation, she affirms it and she refers to the weather controlling blastia at Ragou's mansion in Capua Nor, the barrier blastia at Ehmead Hill, the blastia producing the cyclone at Ghasfarost and Yuri adds the ceres blastia on the Fiertia. Estelle deduces that Judith, as the Dragon Rider, has been destroying the Hermes blastia in place of the Entelexeia. Furious, Rita tells Judith she could have mentioned that and asks why she never said anything about it, if she was trying to save the world on her own and if she is stupid.

[edit] The Hunting Blades Prey

There is a silence after Rita's questions until the party notices a glow from within a cave and Judith senses it is Ba'ul. Suddenly, Tison and Nan appear and the former says they have found their prey. Judith forbids them from approaching to which Nan asks that if she is a person how can she defend a monster. Yuri asks if they got the news saying that no one will lay a hand on one of their own and Karol adds they will not allow it. Rita tells them they were having a conversation and Raven says he does not like to fight but he has no choice. When Estelle asks if the Hunting Blades add people to their list of targets Tison says that anyone who associates with monsters is not a person. Nan asks KKarol if he has forgotten the credo of the Hunting Blades and orders him to step aside. Karol recites the credo and tells them the Entelexeia are not evil and they were fighting to save the world. Yuri tells him not to be fooled since they are here for the apatheia. Tison states that they will not listen to reason and that if they have no intention of moving, Nan says they leave them no choice but to fight. After the battle, as the others check on Ba'ul, Karol apologizes to Nan and joins the others.

[edit] Ba'ul Ascends

Inside the cave where Ba'ul is, Yuri asks what is happening to Ba'ul. Judith says he is trying to evlve as an Entelexeia and Karol says it looks like he is suffering. Judith begs him to hang on and though Estelle wants to heal him Judith stops her reminding her of what happened the last time she tried it back in Nordopolica. Estelle says she wants to heal the wounds but there is nothing she can do stating that her power is poison to him. Yuri says that healing wounds is not her power and when she asks what she means Rita reminds her of what Belius said to her. She remembers her saying that power corrupts but she is different and to never lose her kindness and the compassion she readily shows to others. As she mutters Judith tells her that her thoughts are reaching Ba'ul and Raven says all they can do now is hope for the best. As she conveys her thoughts, Ba'ul begins to glow brightly. As the light fades, everyone looks up and are impressed. Judith tells him that she knew he can do it and Yuri adds that her partner is going to be fine and in response, she thanks them for protecting him saying it is something she could not have done alone. Karol reminds her that she is one of them and they are glad to help. What they see is that Ba'ul has grown to an enormous size. Judith tells Estelle that she got through to him and she might get through to Phaeroh as well and asks if she will meet him. Yuri says it is up for Estelle to decide and she affirms, saying that it is the purpose of her journey. When Rita asks if she is sure and what if she ends up getting killed Estelle says she has to stand firm on it. Raven informs that it will not be long for the Hunting Blades to call for reinforcements and suggests they leave immediately. Karol says there is only one path down and they are bound to run into them. Judith however tells them to get on Ba'ul and they will fly as far as the Fiertia and they will finish talking once they arrive. Everyone agrees with Judith and, since Ba'ul is big enough to do so, they all get on his back and fly to the sky.

[edit] Into the Heavens

In the skies over Terca Lumireis, Ba'ul is seen carrying the Fiertia. On board, Judith collapses. Estelle puts her in the cabin and tells everyone she is sleeping and she must be exhausted and Karol says he never expected that. Yuri claims that Judith watched Ba'ul the entire time he was evolving and that she did not get any sleep and she had no idea when the Hunting Blades would attack either. Raven adds that she put up a brave front but she must have run out of energy. Rita states that Judith is dumb and she does not know how to express what she is feeling. Yuri decides that they should let her sleep and they can finish talking tomorrow and he will not mind some sleep himself. Yuri talks to Karol asking if he is thinking about Judith to which he affirms and asks what they should do about her. Yuri reminds him she did break the laws of the guild and betrayed them. Karol says that he always thought a guild's strict adherance to it's own laws was what kept it together and that there were no exceptience and no lenience for those who woould break the laws but Yuri adds that she did it to save the world and that she is destroying blastia because she knows it is the right thing to do, even if it makes people hate her, to which he agrees saying that she did not break their laws in order to do something bad, he knows this now and that he will talk with her about her actions and give it some thought and he will eventually figure it out and that if he becomes more decisive then Nan will listen to him as well. Yuri talks to Raven next and he asks if an old man past his prime fits in at all. Yehn Yuri asks why he is past his prime he says that he is thinking about what Judith said about the Hermes blastia and that blastia created with techniques that should have been lost in the war are still active and asks what it means. Yuri says that someone who survived the war has brought back either the blastia or the techniques on how to make them with him. Raven says that if he is still using the blastia even though he knows it is harmful to the world that someone like that would have been quite the villain. When Yuri thinks Raven is the villain, he tells him that he was an innocent youth back then and he would not do that even on a worst day. Yuri admits he was trying to trick him into giving that away and he is a slippery one. Yuri then talks to Estelle and apologizes for interrupting her train of thought. She says that ever since she took B elius' life without meaning to she wanted to know what it means to be a Child of the Full Moon so that it does not happen again, she always thought it was her duty to know but after what happened to Belius she does not.Yuri tells her that people are like that, the do something and they learn from it. When Estelle asks if he does as well he affirms it. She tells him that if she has known everything ahead of time she would not have made any mistakes. Yuri tells her that if she had not made mistakes it would be boring. Inside the cabin, Yuri finds Rita examining the remains of the core from the ceres blastia Judith destroyed. She says it is cut from a different formula than a usual core and it looks like what she said about the Hermes-type blastia is true, leading Yuri to believe she is not good at lying after all. Rita says that to discover that the new technique one created was bad for the world after years of research and that she can not imagine how the inventor of the Hermes technique must have felt. When Yuri asks if it would have been her she says she would do something about it but she would not destroy the Blastia. Frustrated she says that if only things were not complicated she could have blasted Judith and be done with it. After seeing Judith sleep, Yuri decides to get some sleep as well. The next day Karol greets Yuri. Estelle says it is a beautiful morning but even as they stand on a ship in the sky the aer is out of balance and the world may already be dying. Judith comes out of the cabin after a long rest and tells her she is right. She continues where she left off back at the mountaintop saying that in the past, the aer fluctuations have not negativelyy affected the world, there have always been beings who maintained the balance by sensing changes in the aer flow like Phaeroh and Ba'ul, who are Entelexeia. Estelle deduces that the Entelexeia are responsible for keeping the aer balanced. Judith continues saying that for ages the Entelexeia have regulated the aer but the recent increase is greater than they can control and Raven adds it is being caused by the Hermes blastia, and Yuri adding it is the reason she was going around taking down as many as she could to which she affirms saying it was her mission and it is the path she walks on with Ba'ul, to whom she owes her life. Judith also says now some hunt the Entelexeia for apatheia and it has made their mission even more difficult. When Yuri asks why everyone wants the apatheia, she does not have an answer but she tells them the aer an Entelexeia absorbs becomes condensed within its body over time, and when thits life comes to an end, the condensed aer forms a crystal -- an apatheia stating that is all she knows, but she is sure that Phaeroh can give them more of an answer. Rita states that if what Judith says is true and the energy can be extracted from the apahteia it will be an overwhelming source of power. When Estelle asks if they can really do that Rita says she does not know. Raven deduces that someone wants to use them for the wrong reasons. When Karol asks why Judith never told them this from the start Yuri agrees with him saying the trouble could have been avoided if she just talked to them. Judith states that even if they had known there are things even they could not prevent. When Karol asks what she means she says that she appeared in Heliord because Ba'ul sensed a disturbance in the aer, and where there was a disturbance, there was sure to be a Hermes blastia but when she found out that it was not a blastia, but a person, it had never happened before. Yuri deduces that it was not like she was looking for Estelle back in Heliord. Judith affirms this and says that for some reason Ba'ul sensed a disturbance in the aer and she had to find out why for the sake of the path she had chosen. It was at that time Phaeroh first appeared and he seemed to have an idea who Estelle was. Judith's mission was to destroy all the Hermes blastia, however she says that Estelle was not a blastia and that she needed to make certain of it so she made a deal with Phaeroh and he agreed to grant her some time and if Estelle's existence poses too great a threat she would kill her. When Rita becomes outraged, Raven tells her to calm down as she has reached a different conclusion. Judith tells Estelle that Belius possesses a heart of compassion and that if she can communicate that to Phaeroh she may learn what she should do. When Rita says there is no reason for her to find Phaeroh anymore and that the Hermes blastia are the cause if they make sure the apatheia do not fall into the wrong hands th world will be safe, but Estelle is determined to meet Phaeroh as she wants to hear what he has to say. She tells her to try and understand and she has to know more about herself and take responsibility for who she is to which Rita agrees. Karol apologizes saying they can not do anything about Judith right away. Judith promises not to leave until things have been settled and she needs to accept that responsibility herself. Yuri decides it is time to start and find Phaeroh, saying it was the first job they had to do and they can work out the rest once this ordeal is finished. Judith tells them about a rocky crag in the center of the Sands of Kogorh and it is where Phaeroh lives and Ba'ul can take them there. Yuri agrees to the proposal saying they have been waiting for this meeting for a long time.

[edit] Flying Through the Skies

Judith explains about how to control Ba'ul with Yuri. She says she can communicate with Ba'ul but there are some things he should know. The first thing is that Ba'ul can only land on the ground, on wide open spaces so they will not be able to dismount on steep mountain ranges or narrow canyons. When Karol asks if he can land on water she says it is no good. Karol states that he might be a good swimmer but Judith tells him he will sink like a rock. Yuri asks that is why they have the Fiertia which she affirms, saying if they would like to get down onto the ocean they should let her know and Ba'ul will set the ship down for them. When Karol asks what they should do if they want to fly again she says to use the item Ba'ul's Horn to call out to him. When Yuri asks if that is all there is too it she explains that every Entelexeia has a specal region in its brain and that it can be used for communication with a special power Krityans possess and she affirms it when he says they can call him using it and she gives them the horn. And with that, the party heads to Phaeroh's Crag to speak with him.

[edit] Trivia

  • The Giganto Monster "Pterobronc" is fought here.
  • Judith is supposed to be 19 years old, though Raven says she was 10 during the Great War. This is an error meaning she would be 20.
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