Nancy & Elwin

[edit] Nancy and Elwyn Sidequest

The Nancy and Elwyn sidequest is probably the most heard-of sidequest. Your goal is to get Elwyn and Nancy together. The sidequest begins at the past Euclid, where you send messages back and forth for Elwyn and Nancy. Afterwards, you have to talk to Nancy in Venezia and once again pass messages to each other. Once they meet, exit Venezia the go to the upper floor of Elwyn's company to witness a cutscene between Elwyn and his dad. Then you'll have to do some traveling back and forth between Alvanista and Venezia to deliver messages and finally get invited to Nancy and Elwyn's wedding.

You will have obtained:

Cupid - A title for Mint

Wedding Gloves - An accessory for Mint. Has a lot of luck.

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