Origin is the ruler of the Summon Spirits and the most powerful one. He can be found in the Torent Forest near an old tomb stone. In order for someone else to make a pact with him, Kratos Aurion had to release the mana from his body. Origin controls the power of the Eternal Sword which Mithos Yggdrasill controls. After Origin was defeated by Lloyd's group he made a pact with Lloyd Irving and Sheena Fujibayashi to try to have faith in human's once again. When Sheena can only summon while she is in Over Limit mode. When she does decide to summon Origin, she says the following words. The King of Heaven, Earth, and everything in between, the ruler of all! I summon thee, come Origin!" When Origin is summoned, he attacks with a spell called Rameesh. It is similar to the spell Thunder Arrow which Origin can also use, but is more powerful.

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