Over Limit

Over Limit(オーバーリミッツ, Oobaarimittsu) is a recurring feature in the Tales series that first made an appearance in Tales of Symphonia. Overlimit boosts the characters in various ways, however the exact effects vary from game to game.

[edit] Tales of Symphonia

Over Limit is achieved by gaining tension points. Many factors increase these points, ranging from getting hit to eating food that the character likes. On the other hand, you can also lose tension points. Tension points are reset once Over Limit is achieved or when the character dies

When a character goes into Overlimit, the camera will zoom in and the character will gain a black aura. The effects of Over Limit include cutting damage received in half, prevention of stagger, shorter casting times, and even access to certain artes

Being the first game that this feature appears in, Over Limit is a little unrefined. For one, you cannot tell how close a character is to achieving Over Limit until the chracter gains it. Also, there's no way for you to manually turn on Over Limit; it activates as soon as you gain the right amount of tension points

[edit] Tales of the Abyss

In order to even have the ability to go into Over Limit, characters must equip the AD Skill Overlimit. This is learned at level 15. Over Limit now has a visible gauge that is shown under a character's TP bar. You must fill this bar in order to go into Over Limit. After the bar is full, you can tap R2 to activate Over Limit

When a character goes into Over Limit, they become surrounded by moving circles of yellow light. During it's activation, Over Limit pushes enemies away. The character takes less damage and usually can't be staggered. Over Limit also allows access to a character's mystic arte.

[edit] Tales of Vesperia

Tales of Vesperia introduces a shared Over Limit gauge, which can be filled up to 4 times. At first, your party can only fill it once but as the game progresses, you can gain items that increases the max Over Limit gauge.

Over Limit can be activated once there's at least 1 bar filled. To activate, the player hits the control pad. The different directions dictate how much of the Over Limit gauge you use. Right uses one, Down uses two, Left uses three, and Up uses four.

Depending on the level of Over Limit, the chracter gains a different aura around them. OVL 1 gives a blue aura, OVL 2 gives green, OVL 3 gives orange, and OVL 4 gives red. Effects are also affected by the level of Over Limit. As you go up you gain the effects from the previous Over Limit level as well as new ones. Level 1 allows you to attack continuously without any lag, activates your character's Skill Symbol, as well as enables the use of Burst Artes. Level 2 increases damage given to knocked down enemies, Level 3 gets rid of TP cost and enables use of mystic artes. Level 4 prevents all damage as well as any stagger.

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