Palmacosta is a port town in the world of Sylvarant. The first time you visit Palmacosta in Tales of Symphonia it is being governed by Dorian General Dorr. It turns out that he had been using the city's money to pay the Desians so that they could heal his wife, Clara. She had been turned into a monster by the Desians, becoming an Exbelua, like Marble. Dorr's daughter was dead and had been replaced by a monster that works for the Desians. Dorr was so obsessed with his wife that he never even noticed. The monster impersonating his daughter killed him and set Clara loose. Later in the game, Lloyd's group was able to turn Clara back into a human. Later in the game, the Giant Tree destroyed the entire city, killing Marta Lualdi's mother. Marta is one of the main protagonists of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. In the 2nd game, Palmacosta was destroyed again. This time by the power of the Vanguard, with Decus disguised as Lloyd Irving in the lead of the attack. During the attack, Emil Castagnier watched Lloyd kill his "parents", driving Emil to hate Lloyd and become an outcast because everyone else adored him because of his actions in the 1st game.

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