Primordial Spirits

Primordial Spirits is the name given to the trio of Great Spirits that created "Origin's Trial", a pact made to the humans millennia ago that the first to reach the Land of Canaan would have their wish granted by Origin, the Great Spirit of the Void. The three spirits that comprise the trio are:

  • Maxwell - the lord of Spirits
  • Chronos - the guardian of Canaan and Great Spirit of Time
  • Origin - the Great Spirit of the Void

Individually these spirits hold a great deal of power, far more than those held by other great spirits such as the Four Great Elemental Spirits; Efreet, Undine, Sylph and Gnome. Celsius, Aska and Volt are also included among the list.

It is theorised out of the three, Origin is the strongest, followed by Chronos and finally, Maxwell.

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