Ratatosk is the name of a Summon Spirit from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World and a main character.

[edit] Story

As a Summon Spirit, Ratatosk is considered the ruler of monsters and, by extension, Mana itself (since monsters contain in them various amounts of Mana and Ratatosk sees to the even distribution of Mana throughout the world). As a result, he has very close ties to the World Tree and its Summon Spirit, Martel.

In the story, Ratatosk had grown embittered because of Mithos' actions in the 4000 years since the worlds were split. His bitterness had still not worn off when the worlds were reunited, in fact he was still quite angry about the loss of "his tree" (the original Kharlan Tree).

Because of this anger he ends up killing a human, Aster who had come with his friend Richter to ask Ratatosk for help, but Ratatosk had let his rage and bitterness blind him, thus making an enemy of Richter.

During an attack, Ratatosk became weakened and reduced to his Core form where he remained "asleep" until he recovered his strength. As a means of protection, he took on a physical form resembling Aster and went under the guise of Emil Castagnier. However, as time passed Emil became less of a cover and more of a distinct alternate personality to Ratatosk.

In the game's true ending, he and Emil figure out how to split so that they no longer share a body and Ratatosk remains with Richter as the guardian of the gates of hell while Emil returns to the human world to live with Marta as a human.

[edit] Personality

For almost half of the game, Ratatosk is thought to be "another side of Emil" when he goes into Ratatosk Mode, but it's later revealed that these instances were actually the real Ratatosk making a brief appearance the whole time.

As expected, he has a very short temper and tends to anger easily. He's also quite possessive, but that possessiveness allows him to protect the things and people he cares about. It even makes him sort of romantic in hindsight, as he says to Marta in a victory chat that he'll always protect her. In fact, the majority of the time he came out when he was thought to be just a mode of Emil's, Marta was always in danger in some form and Ratatosk would always jump out to save her when Emil himself couldn't bring himself to do even that.

[edit] Trivia

  • His name and part of his position as a Summon Spirit is in reference to the Nordic mythology of the squirrel that ran up and down the World Tree Yggdrasill to relay messages (and mess with at the same time) between the Eagle at the top and the Dragon at the roots.

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