Richter Abend

Richter Abend

Richter Abend, Enemy of Ratatosk
First Appearance Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Other Appearances Tales of Versus, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 3
Weapons Sword and Axe
Age 20
Voice Actor Kyle Hebert

Richter Abend (リヒター・アーベント, Rihitaa Aabento) is a character in the game Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Despite being a playable character for a short period of time, he becomes the main antagonist.

[edit] Introduction

Richter is a character shrouded in mystery so not much is known about him. Richter often acts very cold to people but he is really a good man with rather good intentions. He meets up with Emil in Luin asking about a girl with a red jewel on her forehead which turns out to be Marta. Emil leads him to Lake Sinoa where he saw her and there he teaches Emil to stand up for himself and fight. Richter will join your party and you will be able to play as either Richter or Emil for the time. Later within the cave Richter tries to attack the Marta and Emil stops him and after that, he leaves your party. From that point on you will run into Richter from time to time but he will not join your party for any extended period of time unless you do the Richter Sidequest, in which he will join your party for just that part of the side quest.

Richter, like Emil, possesses a Centurion. Aqua has betrayed Ratatosk because of her love for Richter, in order to help him.

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