The Rockgagong is a legendary creature and enemy from Tales of Graces and Tales of Graces f.

[edit] Nature and Importance

The Rockgagong is revered throughout Strahta by the people, often referring to it as a legendary beast. It's described as usually timid, almost never coming into contact with humans (hence its "legendary" status as few people have actually seen it).

[edit] In the Story

During the Main Arc, the Rockgagong is going on a rampage on the path between Sable Izolle and Yu Liberte when the party first travels to Strahta. On their way to Yu Liberte, they run into the Rockgagong and subsequently are eaten by it.

Inside the Rockgagong's stomach they find that the cause of its rampage is a parasite that invaded it at some point. The party eliminates the parasites while searching for a way out, only to be sneezed back out when the good luck charm Hubert gave Asbel accidentally breaks open and releases pepper.

Once the party gets out, the Rockgagong returns to its timid and peaceful demeanor, however the party can later come back to the cliff they were spat out on and play the Rockgagong's flute to summon it to their location. There they can choose to fight it or not. Not fighting it returns them to the Rockgagong's stomach while fighting it throws them into an immediate battle with it.

As an enemy, the Rockgagong is very formidable and can easily defeat the party if you're not prepared and highly leveled. It takes up the whole battle field due to its size, so it's perfectly capable of hitting all party members at once.

Defeating it will reward you with a lot of experience and gald, a special book for your mixer and a trophy.

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